Dragon Wraith

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Captain Marek
Organization Cipher Pol Zero
Type: Sloop-of-war
General Material Wood
Base Material Iron Wood, painted dark green
Number of Cannons Eighteen

The Dragon Wraith is a ship owned by the organization Cipher Pol Zero. It was built by the current leader, Marek.

Appearance and DesignEdit

The ship is a Sloop-of-War made of Iron Wood that is painted a dark green color. The sails are a normal white linen and there are three masts. The figurehead is a green dragon head with two ruby gems for eyes and its maw wide open, showing off ivory fangs.

There is a main cabin that is built into a higher upper deck while the helm is in the middle of the ship on the primary upper deck. The insides of the cabin are never seen, but it should be noted there is a large throne-like chair directly outside of the door, supposedly blocking entrance to the cabin. This chair is used only by Marek, the leader of the organization. A small trap door is built in front of the second mast that goes below the deck of the ship where the cannon chambers are held.

Nadeisco's canoe-like ship can be accessed from this large vessel and is tied up onto the side of the boat like a dinghy, waiting his usage whenever he has the need for it.

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Marine: Phantom
World Government: Dragon Wraith | Glider
World Government:

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