Drake Minase

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The Lightning Blade


Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate 29th Febuary
Island of Origin

Somewhere in East blue




Sword Crafter

Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Swordsman
Family Father and mother (Deceased)

1st = 107,000,000 beli


Devil Fruit

Become the best swordsman and Sword Crafter.

Spark Spark no Mi

Drake Minase is a Swordsman, Sword Crafter and a Dojo Master that belong to his father. He's a member of the Sea Wolf Pirates. He posses the Haki (Busoshoku and Haoshoku). He learned his swordsmanship skills from his father and his crafting skills from his mother. His mother died with a terrible disease when he was young while his father sacrifised himself in order to save his son and the people from their village from some pirates. Thanks to his electrical powers he is also able to read other people's toughts. 


Drake is calm, cool and collected even under the most dire of circumstances staying serious and composed. He always seems to be relaxed even when he is training or fighting an enemie. He is strong with the will of always wanting to get stronger and stronger and he wants no one to stand in his way. Even so he still posses a soft heart.


He has black hair and black eyes. He is a young, tall and mascular man. He wears a blue bandana especialy when he is fighting and carries two swords that he made himself by using Seastone Metal to make them even more dangerous against Devil Fruit users, their names are the Inazuma Blades.

Devil Fruit:Edit

Spark-Spark no MiLogia-classed Devil Fruit, It lets him use a variety of blue thunder based attacks similar to Enel, which he is also able to combime with sword attacks.

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