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The Eclipse Pirates are pirates under the command of "Flash Step" James R. Line. They are notorious for both high bounties and devotion to liberty. They and the Eclipse Armada are currently hidden on Mist Island in the Grand Line.

Crew Name

Eclipse Pirates
Main Ship Battlestar Sentinel
Base Mist Island
Captain James R. Line
Crew Population 58
Total Bounty A lot of Beri


The Eclipse pirates are often called the "Liberators". All who do evil are extremely terrified of this crew. Their captain is so powerful that he himself is considered by some to be on par with any one member of the Shichibukai. He was once recruited for this post, but he refused saying, "To do this it would take my freedom. My freedom and my crew I cannot part with. I would rather burn with both than become a dog of the navy". Most members are trained in both hand to hand combat and at least one form of haki. They're ship is called the "Battlestar Sentinel" (John Bastille). Notable features of these pirates are the radio-broadcasting, knack for treasure, and their epic hideout. One of their members, Joseph Bermuda, ate the shock-shock fruit, giving him the ability to discharge soundwaves at enemies. When not fighting, he emits a radio broadcast that teaches things like how not to get caught by the military and how to form a pirate crew. Thanks to this many new pirate crews have been formed. Also, he broadcasts events and news stories so that all can hear.   


Mist IslandEdit

Mist Island is an island consisting of four seperate islands. However, they are held together by a massive mountain in its middle. On this island, there is one town. It is located at the base of the mountain, and consists of the families of every pirate in the Armada. Each of the four islands are a different season. This chaos causes a strange, impenatrable mist around the island, giving it its name. The only was to find this island is by use of E stone, a rock named after the Eclipse Pirates. It is only found at this island. When put in fire, E stone will emit a beam that points to the island. Because of this, E stone is the only way to get to the island. The Marines cannot find this island because they have no E stone. Every Armada member is trusted, so they each have a pendent made up of E stone. Should one of them have the E stone stolen, they are held responsible to find it. If they cannot, they are sentenced to exile. Other notable aspects of this island include a shrine to the creator of the world, the Library of Fate and the great map.The Great Map is a map of the grand line and New World. Because of this, it is much sought after. The Library of Fate contains many ancient manuscripts and books about literally everything. Though this islandis protected, it is currently building defenses due to one pirate, Cain Buliket, going traitor. Cain allegedly gave his pendent to the Marines, so they will be able to find the isladn.


Name Occupation Epithet Bounty
James R. Line Captain "Flash Step" 777,000,000
Brenson First Mate "Blazing Style" 200,000,000
Maiko Brawler "Rock Wall" 150,000,000
Anarchy Magician "Anarchy" 75,000,000
Chaos Conjurer "Chaos" 75,000,000
Order Navigator "Order" 75,000,000
Pando Swordsmith "Of the Sand" 55,000,000
Yappa Kon Haki Teacher "Dark Tutor" 170,000,000
Biol Scientist "Life-Giver" 130,000,000
Mark Bullister Doctor "Molusk"

prev. 2 billion

current: 120,000,000

RMX-001 Shipwright "Robotnik" 40,000,000
John Bastille Ship "Battlestar Sentinel" 1,000,000,000
Jeremy Tompson Brawler "Eyesore" 150,000,000
Gen Tsuburiki Brawler "The Nothing" 850,000,000
Masueah Lookout "Jolly ol' Bat" 140,000,000
Paco Bibleo Preacher "Ghost Reverand" 130,000,000
Hawk Tailor "Splice" 75,000,000
Karnac Stint Arms Dealer "Trusty Pistol" 65,000,000
Jack Anole Spy "Splatter" 50,000,000
John Sinbad Quartermaster "8-Head" 230,000,000
Gale Barbatos Rigger "Dragon Tamer" 78,000,000
Joseph Bermuda Broadcaster "Shockwave" 107,000,000

Crews Absorbed by the Eclipse PiratesEdit

The Eclipse Pirates take pirate crews and form them into the Eclipse Armada. So far it is small and inactive. The Eclipse Armada recruits, but has yet to do any acual battle. They are all camping out on Mist Island. The island is rather secluded, so news of the Eclipse Armada in the outside world is rare. However, 

The Marine Death PiratesEdit

The Marine Death Pirates were a crew of pirates made up exclusively of Fishmen. Their philosophy was trust no one but the World Government. They served as a Fishman only Marine ship for about 2 years. However, they accidently discovered what happened to the island of Ohara, and were thrown into Imple Down because of it. There they met George Stroud. Stroud was in Impel Down for the sole reason of recruiting prisoners for the Eclipse Pirates. He had no idea how to break out, but his energetic energy convinced the Marine Death Pirates to join him. Thanks to his luck-luck fruit, he got lucky and the Strawhat Pirates broke into Impel Down. In the confusion, Stroud and the pirates escaped and rendezvoused with the Eclipse Pirates. Now the Marine Death Pirates are a happy part of the Eclipse Armada. Their Ship is called the "Umi Ga Sakaeru Koto". This means 'May the Sea Prosper" in English. It is a moderatley sized vessel with a narwhal masthead.                                                                   

Marine Death Pirates

Marine Death Jolly Roger

Name Occupation Epithet Race Bounty
Bartholomeu Fuma  Former Captain "Sting" Manta Ray 230,000,000
Shirahama  Navigator "1000 Needle" Pufferfish 125,000,000
Eragon Takanobu Sniper "Clawed Crusader" Lobster 75,000,000
Oran Kagetaka Gunner "Big Sail" Marlin 75,000,000
Wokou Gunner "Huggable" Cuttlefish 96,000,000
Daniel Masumune Shipwright "Iron Defense" Sea Turtle 90,000,000
Joseph Matsumoto Cook "Fierce Fork" Goblin Shark 30,000,000
Edward Yoshimitsu Assassin "Poison Reserve" Blue-Ring Octopus 230,000,000
Bozo Ouchi Thief "Long Arm" Japanese Spider Crab 60,000,000
Tsushima First Mate "Floating" Chambered Nautilus 130,000,000
Christopher Fujiwata Second Mate "Overbite" Viperfish 140,000,000
Juan Sumitomo


N/A Squid 78,000,000
King Kwan Quartermaster "Poison Spine" Lionfish 79,000,000

The Pirates of LegendEdit

These pirates are the luckiest pirates in the entire world. They happened upon a stash of the rarest zoan fruits ever. They discovered 101 Mythic Zoan-type fruits. Using them, they became one of the fiercest pirate crews in the whole world. They earned a spot as the 4th power to balance with the Schichibukai, Yonko, and World Government. Then the 3 other forces teamed up and destroyed them. Out of the 101, 11 escaped. These 11 died and passed on their fruits to their children and then eventually to their great grand children. These great grandchildren formed the second era of the Pirates of Legend. However, they lacked leadership. They heard of James R. Line and turned to him (because of his crew building/training skills). The Pirates of Legend were his 4th crew trained. After training them, James saw potential and did something unexpected. He asked them to join his crew. They agreed and the Pirates of Legend became the Eclipse Armada. Their ship is a smaller ship. It can be crewed by just the 11 and is extremely fast. Its name is the "Storm Hunter"
Pirates of Legend

Pirates of Legend Jolly Roger

Name Occupation Epithet Zoan Model Bounty
Charles Darwin Captain "The Almighty" Seraph


Jacob Wakanda First Mate "Avalanche" Yeti 130,000,000
Peter Storensclod Shipwright "Boulder" Golem 120,000,000
Vladmir Lenshire Doctor "Fangs" Vampire 160,000,000
Sarah Treeshrod Cook "Tree Herder" Ent 60,000,000
Tako Beard Gunner "Vicious" Wendigo 80,000,000
George Kensho Swordsmith "Masterful Blade" Tengu 110,000,000
Wes Drail Lookout "Death Wail" Wraith 50,000,000
Quinn Spade Navigator "Reptile God" Quetzalcoatl 370,000,000
Rustle Fallout Musician "Deadly Symphony" Basilisk 80,000,000

The Demonic PiratesEdit

The Demonic Pirates were the first pirates to join the Eclipse Armada. They are your average pirates, with a few fruit users, swordsman, and warriors. As far as the Grand Line goes, they are above average. Their fighting skills have been tested and improved while on Mist Island. Their current bounties do not at all reflect their current ability. The majority of the members can go toe to toe against some of the members of the Eclipse Pirates. Their ship is the Hades Revenge. This ship is average size and jet black. All the cannons have been modified to shoot out huge flames along with cannonballs. 
Dmonic Pirates

Demonic Pirates Jolly Roger

Name Occupation Epithet Bounty
Sin Captain "The Survivor" 102,000,000
Senjin First Mate "3-Eye" 65,000,000
Mason Shipwright "Wee Devil" 40,000,000
Jeremy Lancarceron Treasure Hunter "Purple Slash" 180,000,000
Ruby Shroud Thief "Crimson Scarf" 35,000,000
Epitoam Marshall Doctor "Heavy Metal" 90,000,000
Kurt Malone Merchant N/A 36,000,000
Lars Bustit Helmsmen "Commodore" 30,000,000
Sternun Consul Infantry "Red Blade" 45,000,000
Ollie Twist Scholar "Drunk Professer" 27,000,000
Kujira Jones Infantry "Big Whaler" 100,000,000
Pixel Crow Entertainer "Rainbow Swirl" 40,000,000
Sandy Woo Boxer "Hurricane" 45,000,000
Josiah Jeraboam Infantry "Enigmatic Demon" 100,000,000
Jacob Mulchim Theif N/A 30,000,000
Percivel Q. Ballad Infantry "The Unknown" 140,000,000
A-117 Cook "Antelope" 40,000,000

Special PositionsEdit

The Special Positions is an area of the Eclipse Armada that is populated by 2 members. These members are George Stroud and Severus Drake. George Stroud is the recruiter. He joins crews on the Grand Line and serves with them. If they are worthy, he arranges them to meet some of the Eclipse Armada. The crews are then tested. If they pass, they become part of the Eclipse Armada. Severus Drake is the Fruit Gatherer. As his name implies, he finds devil fruit and brings them to James on Mist Island. His fruit is the Detect-Detect fruit which can detect both devil fruit users and devil fruit. Using this, he gathers the precious fruit. Also, he is from Skypiea so he can fly. 

Name Occupation Epithet Bounty
George Stroud Recruiter "Charity" 100,000,000
Severus Drake Fruit Finder "Senior Fruit" 149,000,000


The GovernmentEdit

Despite the Eclipse Armada being more or less nice people, James has a problem with governments in general. He despises the World Governt, as well as every other government. Even Democracies and Republics aren't right in his eyes.When leaving Alabasta, he told the king he hoped to see the country burn. 2 years later, Baroque Works took over and the country was engulfed in Civil War. In Delarossa, Doflamingo tried to convince him to work with him on Smile. James looked him in the eye and told him that there would be war in Delarossa. 3 years later, the Strawhats and Law attacked along with the Gnome and Toy Armies. It is unknown whether James had anything to do with either of them, but he was seen laughing once hearing the news.

Hans BookerEdit

A giant. He was given a robotic arm with a harpoon gun as a hand by Biol when he was found dying on an unknown winter island. He was greatful, and stuck with the Eclipse Armada for awhile. However, Severus Drake came back to Mist Island one day with a mysterious fruit. This fruit was unknown to any books and Drake's Detect-Detect Fruit couldn't tell what it was. This meant that it was a completely new Devil Fruit. It was up for grabs, and Hans got it in a game of chance. He devoured it. It was catastrophic. The Fruit was the Muhyojona-Muhyojona fruit. It renders the user devoid of all emotion. The now emotionless Hans looked and saw only insignificants instead of friends. Then he made a decision. He decided to destroy all who are beneath him, or everyone. Hans went crazy. The ensuing battle resulted in Hans being punched by John Bastille all the way to Impel Down. However, Hans managed to destroy the entire crew of the "Fluff Squash" pirates and put Brenson in the hospital for 3 months. His whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it that he lives and is putting together his own fleet to do battle with the Eclipse Armada.

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