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El Toro

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Age 30
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type S-
Birthdate May 5
Height 10' (Transformed-20')
Weight 800 lbs (Transformed-10 tons)
Origin Grand Line
Occupation Pirate
Epithet The Executioner
Crew Libre Pirates/Zodiac Faction
Position Captain




Dream Become "King of the Pirates"


El Toro is a massive man, easily passing as a large human but not round like most are known to be.  He has a very well muscular physique that is covered in black/green armor that protects his torso.  As he resembles a Lucha Libre, he wears a mask to hide his identity.  As he has eaten the Ushi-Ushi no Mi: Model Longhorn, his already massive form and strength are increased exponentially, making him even more deadly.


He is very arrogant and cocky, always boasting about his incredible muscles and claiming only a few are worthy to experience.  He is also a hypocrite as he wants to be the King of the Pirates, which he claims grants the most freedom, but in his quest to achieve his goals, he takes the freedom of others.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

Being a Lucha Libre, he relies only on his physical strength and speed.  Despite is size, he is incredibly agile, surpassing most of even normal sized fighters. 

Brazo del Toro- A powerful elbow drop.

Bull Rush- A high speed charge.

Shooting Strella- Using his body like a slingshot, El Toro flips over rapidly with his foe in his grasp, once he has reached speed, he releases his foe towards the groundk, shattering it on impact. 

Strella Fiesta- A powerful series of grapples and slams.

Strella Destroyer- El Toro's strongest attack, a high speed diving piledriver.  Never witnessed as Victor broke from his grasp.


"Not even worth the sweat from my magnificent muscles."


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