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Japanese Name: 栄利沙
Romanized Name: Elisa
English Name: Elisa
First Appearance: N/A
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates,

EXcol Black Ops (former)

Occupations: Pirate,


'Cheshire Cat' Elisa
No Devil Fruit

Elisa (pronounced El-i-sah) is part of the Straw Hat pirates and is their Scout/Spy. She has a bounty of Bsymbol100,000,000 and is the third strongest fighter on the ship after Roronoa Zoro. Elisa is also one of the twelve Supernova's and is considered to be the third largest threat in the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Appearance: Edit

Elisa appears to be a pretty well-built woman with the right curves and a pretty face. Her trademark beanie is always loosely resting on top of her head and it always ends up falling off her head in fights; that beanie is important to her because it's a gift that her older brother gave to her on her birthday.

Elisa has shoulder-length silky ebony black hair and cerulean blue eyes. She treasures her beanie just as much as much as her katana; Nidai Ryuu. Anyway, she is always seen wearing a loose white shirt with her chest bound in bandages to stop it from 'getting in the way' and skin tight black trousers and boots. Her clothes change every now and then whenever it gets dirtied or wet from whatever previous activity she was doing. Elisa is always seen having Nidai Ryuu strapped against her waist by a loose leather strap that also acts as a belt for her trousers. She is always seen munching on apples/throwing away apple cores or lifting weights with Zoro; having competitions to see who could lift weights faster.

After the Two Year Time Skip, Elisa's overall physique has matured and she now has her hair in a high pony tail and when loose, it cascades down to her butt. Also, her chest has become rounder - though still being the same size - and is still hidden by bandages. Her hour glass figure is now more pronounced and she has also grown taller - around an inch taller than Nami now. Elisa has grown used to wearing a black crop top that bounds her chest just as good as the bandages which she now stopped wearing - after that stunt where Zoro accidentally cut them to shreds when they sparred Elisa stopped wearing them altogether - and skin-tight black trousers tucked in boots. Nidai Ryuu is still seen around her waist, but now instead of a loose leather strap; it's being held there by a midnight black sash around her waist.

Personality: Edit

Elisa is rather laid-back, rude, cold, level-headed and calm, however there are times when her anger is released and she ends up using violence to express it - not as deadly as Nami's though. She doesn't get angry very easily, but when she does it's hard to get back in control of herself which is why she has a tendency to hide most of her emotions from other people.

Elisa has a love for gambling and playing Poker or any other form of card games where stakes are made; she might even end up gambling her friends' life - though she'd only do that because she believes that they can make it through anything anyone throws at them. When gambling is mentioned, Elisa will look at everyone with that competitive glint in her eyes and disappear a moments afterwards; heading towards the nearest Casino to release her 'Inner Gambler'. Elisa can be lazy at times and would flat-out refuse to fight if she didn't have the motivation to; she might even try to persuade her opponent to just watch the other fights and maybe even 'pretend' fight too, to stop them from getting too suspicious and thinking they weren't doing anything. Most of the time, her opponents refuse her offer.

She is also that typical 'Tsundere' character; a person who is at first hostile or cold towards strangers, before gradually showing her warmer and kinder side over time. Other than that, Elisa is a very loyal person and would always stick to her friends' side through thick or thin. Even if they betrayed her; if they had a good reason (like Nami's betrayal) she'll still be their friend - even if she refuses to admit it.

When fighting, her personality changes and she becomes cold, calculating and ruthless; using her imagination to come up with creative strategic ideas to beat her opponents; improvising along the way if her strategy doesn't work. She always has a Cheshire cat grin on her face whenever she's fighting - hence the name 'Cheshire Cat' Elisa - indicating her passion/love for fighting.

Sometimes, Elisa can be very protective of her friends and money, as well as being overly competitive and won't accept defeat; especially when playing Poker; Elisa just hates losing which may be one of her weaknesses because it can endanger her life.

Elisa also likes lifting weights and training whenever she has the time, and since she was a great spy; she especially loves the method she uses to get information out of someone; by playing Poker.



Elisa loves her crew dearly and thinks of them as family; Luffy being her idiotic younger brother that needs to be watched over and taken care of, Nami being the girly-girl sister in the family, Usopp and Chopper being the brothers that needed to be protected, Franky and Robin being the parent-type figures and Zoro; the one person who managed to weasel his way into her heart without even knowing. Elisa would do anything to protect her friends, however would refuse to admit that she cared for them that deeply because of her Tsundere attitude.

Though being undoubtedly lazy, Elisa would follow her Captain (Luffy) through anything and would always be there by his side through thick and thin because to her; Luffy is the second most important thing that came into her life; the person who changed her and made her the person who she is right now which is the reason why she trusts him implicitly and would follow him to the ends of the earth.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Elisa is one of the strongest fighters in the Straw Hat crew; with her monstrous strength, speed and reflexes she is a formidable opponent with bottomless potential to become something great; everyone seems to believe in her strength and unbreakable will-power (when she's fighting seriously) to never lose against a fight with a strong opponent, though her low stamina may be her weakness thus; her inability to continue a fight for too long. Her body isn't able to handle the stress of too much fighting and is a weakness she tries to overcome with her sheer will; she might even end up fighting someone beyond her limits which then ends up with her being unconscious after the whole ordeal.

She is also a talented Swordswoman; her quick reflexes are what saves her at times as well as her monstrous and untamed strength. She uses four specific techniques when fighting seriously called the Four Blue Moon Techniques.

The pun about her amazing abilities is that even though she can strike down strong opponents; she refuses to use Nidai Ryuu for any mundane uses because it doesn't 'feel' right or maybe that she can be too lazy; thus she ends up using her hands instead, making everything harder for herself.

After the Two Year Time Skip, Elisa can now use Haki; mainly Colour of Observation and Armament Haki to make Nidai Ryuu five times stronger and durable while also dodging the opponents attack with ease, not to mention her Four Blue Moon Techniques are stronger than ever and that she has learned how to cut thick steel after training for two years with Zoro and Dracule Mihawk.

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