Emperor of the Pirates

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Author Rukaio101
Date Published July 25 2012
Fiction Rated Teen
GenreLanguage English
Chapters Adventure/Humour
Status Ongoing

Emperor of the Pirates is a fanfiction written by Rukaio101, created on July 25 2012 and is currently ongoing. It is mostly an OC-centred work, although fan-made characters are also accepted as minor villains.


Before his execution, Monkey D. Luffy, the Second Pirate King, dares the world to surpass him and Roger, and reclaim the fabled One Piece. Years later and the story follows a pirate crew aiming to do just that, the Neptune Pirates. Led by their certifiably insane leader, Ushio D. Neptune, the crew must traverse dangerous seas, defeat powerful foes and somehow stop their captain from blowing up his own ship.


Neptune PiratesEdit

'Captain' - Ushio D. Neptune

'First Mate/Sharpshooter' - Jericho Tell

'Navigator' - Yura

'Swordswoman' - Tsurugi

'Shipwright' - Rio Donovan


Fleet Admiral Vires

Admiral Aokiji (formerly Kirakai)

Admiral Kizaru (formerly Ceras)

Admiral Akainu (formerly Gantz)

Vice Admiral Minos

Vice Admiral Garest

Vice Admiral Doragon

Vice Admiral Kakarine

Vice Admiral Roman

Commodore Civli

Commodore Saiva

Captain Kraus S. Stacean

Captain Chitty Chitty

Captain McAfee

'Piercer' Jack (rank unknown)

'Three Swords' Zere (rank unknown)

'Wild Beast' Origgan (rank unknown


Rashank 'Raptor' DeRoy

Bulledo 'Debris Collector' Molze

Tobias 'Scorpion Armour' Krieg

'World's 2nd Strongest Swordfighter' Sanroza Mihawk

'Gambler' Roulerre

'Empress' Cerie

North Blue SupernovasEdit

'Cloaked Tiger' Kuurant

'Spiced Gentleman' Chiffry Shill

'Drunken Fist' Elways Vodska

'Chewing Clown' Gummy Cerish

'Legend's Child' Ichiya Mihawk

'Wild Seed' Sophia Violettes

'Hundred Arms' Krishin Limbosa

'Noodle King' Nerras Wanze

'Poison Lion' Couralle

'Straight Man' Rawn Jeffries

'Magic Sniper' Brurrage Seraphin




Karak Max


'Luck Reader' LeBlouff

'Black Rose' Tharrina

Saga NameEdit

The Sharpshooter and the EmperorEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Fight the King Bandits! Our Hero arrives with a Bang!!! Jericho Tell lives a peaceful life with his friend Anna, while beating up troublemakers in the bar belonging to Anna's father, Callac. One day, he drives away a troupe of bandits, led by Karak 'King' Max, accidentally smashing up the bar in the process. While hiding on the beach from an angry Callac, Tell and Anna spot a small boat in the distance. Which promptly explodes, propelling its occupant, Ushio D. Neptune, onto the beach. While Anna goes to find medical attention, Ushio regains consciousness. Tell is quickly convinced that the young pirate is completely insane but, before he can knock him out, a townsperson appears and tells him that Callac's bar is on fire.
2 The Bandits strike Back! The World's Fiercest Mango?! Tell arrives at Callac's bar only to find it completely ablaze and Callac sobbing in front of it. Callac reveals that Karak and his bandit troupe were behind the attack and that they'd also kidnapped Anna. Blaming Tell for angering the bandits, the townspeople attempt to attack him, but they are driven off by Ushio. Ushio tells Tell to stop blaming himself for Anna's kidnapping and to go rescue her instead. Tell agrees with him, but knocks him unconscious so he doesn't get hurt in the process. Tell proceeds to Karak's mountain base alone to find Anna tied up and dangling over a giant fish tank, which is revealed to contain a mangogator (the bananagator's distant cousin). Karak gives Tell a choice. Either let the mangogator eat Anna, or shoot the glass and bring the mangogator's attention towards him. Tell instantly shoots the tank, however he quickly learns that the mangogator is immune to bullets. After taking a nasty blow meant for Anna, Tell is unable to avoid the mangogator's finishing blow. Seconds before he is killed, Ushio turns up and deals the mangogator a powerful blow, knocking it away.
3 Team up against the Mangogator! A Legendary Partnership is formed!! After Ushio deals another blow to the mangogator, using his Devil Fruit, Karak attempts to have him and Tell shot, but Tell takes out the sharpshooters before he can do so. While they're distracted, however, the mangogator launches a sneak attack. Pushing Tell out of the way, Ushio is seemingly eaten, however he manages to survive by sticking his staff inbetween its mouth. While Karak gloats, Tell realises the mangogator's weak point and, with a timely distraction from Ushio, manages to kill the beast. After Ushio asks him to join his crew, Tell agrees if Ushio can defeat more of Karak's thugs than he can. The two quickly manage to beat the bandits and Ushio wins the challenge, by knocking out Karak with his staff. After saying farewell to Callac, Anna and the townspeople, Ushio and Tell set off for their next adventure with the only other member of their crew, Skippy, a giant sea king accompanying them. As they leave, a townsperson remembers Ushio as being one of the 'North Blue Supernovas', leaving Callac to make a mysterious comment about Ushio's 'D.' heritage.

The Sky Child and the SwordswomanEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
4 A new destination! The boy who fell from the sky?! Having been adrift for several days, Tell is thoroughly fed up with Ushio and his inability to keep out of trouble. After Skippy leaves, the two are left drifting with no idea where they're going. Suddenly, they hear screaming and look up to see a young child plummeting from the sky towards them. Unable to move in time, their boat is struck by the boy and destroyed. Tell rescues Ushio and the boy and drags them onboard a nearby marine vessel, lead by Captain Chitty Chitty. Chitty Chitty orders the three of them to be thrown overboard, but Tell beats them up and sends the marines drifting off in a lifeboat. The boy awakens and introduces himself as Yura, a Skypiean. The group searches the boat for supplies, but finds a young woman, bound and gagged, inside one of the crates. Meanwhile, Chitty Chitty and his crew drift to Verate Island where, disgusted by their weakness, the marine in charge, Captain Stacean, kills them violently.
5 Beware Captain Stacean! The mysterious swordswoman, Tsurugi! The group unties the woman and bring her on deck to revive her. She regains consciousness and attempts to hold Ushio hostage in return for her swords. After they manage to call a truce, the woman introduces herself as Tsurugi and asks to be let off at the next island. The crew reach Verate Island and Tsurugi quickly departs, despite Ushio asking her to joining his crew. Suspicious at how quiet it is, Ushio and Yura go exploring while Tell looks after the boat. The two are quickly dragged into the house of a young girl, named Aisha, who explains the state of the town to them. Aisha explains that Captain Stacean rules the island with an iron fist and murders anyone who disobeys him. At that moment, the house is attacked by marines. Meanwhile, Tell spots a woman being attacked by two marines. He quickly dispatches them, only to be knocked unconscious by the woman and brought, tied up, before Captain Stacean.
6 Tsurugi returns! The Three Pillars of Justice arrive! While fighting off marines, Ushio, Yura and Aisha are seperated. Aisha heads for the crew's ship but is ambushed by marines. However, Tsurugi shows up in the nick of time and kills them. Ushio and Yura reunite and, finishing off the last of the marines, head back to the ship to find Tell missing and Aisha having left with Tsurugi in search of him. Meanwhile, Captain Stacean interrogates Tell for information on Tsurugi, who he wants to capture, to receive a promotion. After Tell claims he doesn't know where she is, Stacean orders him locked up. However, Tell is secretly freed by a marine and meets up with Ushio and Yura at the harbour. Tsurugi, meanwhile, is confronted by Stacean's three elite troops, the Pillars of Justice. One of the pillars, Zere, challenges Tsurugi to a swordfight. Tsurugi quickly gets the upper hand, after she shatters one of Zere's three swords but, before she can finish him, another of the pillars, Jack, hits her with a sneak attack, leaving her open to a devastating blow by Zere. Just as Zere is about to finish her off, Tsurugi regains her strength and cuts him down, only to be brutalised by the remaining two pillars. After being sent flying across the street, Tsurugi ends up at the feet of Captain Stacean.
7 Captain Stacean's Devil Fruit revealed? The Neptune Pirates's dramatic entrance! Angered at the damage she caused to his town, Captain Stacean beats up Tsurugi, protected from her counterattacks by his Crab Devil Fruit. Before he can take her back to his base however, he is interrupted by a loud explosion. Using the explosives on board, Ushio and his crew launch their ship across town, landing right in front of Stacean and the Pillars of Justice. Ushio leaps out of the wreckage and hits Captain Stacean with a glancing blow. Meanwhile, Tell and Yura, separated in the confusion, face off against the two remaining Pillars of Justice, Jack and Origgan. Origgan deals several crippling blows to Yura but he just shrugs them off with no injuries. Meanwhile, Jack manages to sabotage Tell's gun with his needles, but Tell procceeds to kick him in the face and reveals that he knows Black Leg style.
8 The Neptune Pirates vs The Pillars of Justice! The Magnet Magnet fruit's weakness?! Ushio and Stacean continue to fight, with Ushio appearing to have the upper hand. However, both Stacean and Tsurugi notice that Ushio's attacks are slowly becoming weaker and, correctly, attribute it to a lack of water. Meanwhile, Yura is shrugging off more and more of Origgan's attacks and reveals that he ate a Devil Fruit which allows him to store and release physical power. Unfortunately, he accidentally reveals his inability to release his power, meaning he can't defeat Origgan. At the same time, Tell is using Jack's talkativeness to attack him, however, Jack quickly catches on and manages to injure Tell's legs. Ushio finally runs out of water fighting Stacean, and suffers a nasty injury to his shoulder. Tsurugi manages to hold Stacean off while Ushio searches for some more water. He manages to find a large steel water tower, but cannot break it open. Suddenly, Stacean reappears with a badly beaten Tsurugi. Yura finally manages to awaken his reversal power and defeats Origgan with a series of powerful punches. Tell reveals an unrevealed secret hidden behind his sunglasses and uses it to defeat Jack. Ushio manages to distract Stacean long enough for Tsurugi to break open the water tower and uses the water inside to flatten Stacean.
9 A swift farewell! The true justice of the Marines?! The entire town, citizens and marines, turn out to celebrate Captain Stacean's defeat. Unfortunately, a marine battleship on the horizon leads the crew to make a hasty retreat. Tsurugi agrees to join the crew as a 'temporary' member. Meanwhile, Stacean, Jack and Origgan escape and barricade themselves in the marine HQ. There, they are confronted by Vice Admiral Minos and his two subordinates, who are hunting Tsurugi for some unknown reason. They quickly defeat Stacean and his men, with Minos cutting Stacean in half, before they leave to hunt the Neptune Pirates. Meanwhile, at Marineford, Fleet Admiral Vires announces a meeting of the Shichibukai.

The Shichibukai MeetEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
10 The Shichibukai meet! Discuss the Supernovas?! The Seven Shichibukai arrive at Marineford for the meeting. Guarded by the three admirals and four of the Marine's Five Beasts, Fleet Admiral Vires orders the Shichibukai to hunt down and eliminate the North Blue Supernovas, including Ushio.

The Shipwright, the Supernovas and a Race to the Grand Line!Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
11 Meet the Supernovas Part 1! Arrival in a New Town! After they accidentally capsize their boat, the Neptune Pirates barely make it to Threshold Island, the island closest to the Grand Line. once there, they discover that all of the North Blue Supernovas are gathered on the island and are attacked by one of them, Chiffry Shill. After testing their strength, Shill quickly leaves. In another part of town, two Supernovas, Kuurant and Elways Vodska begin to fight, but they are stopped by Elways's first mate and fellow Supernova, Rawn Jeffries. A Supernova watching the event, Gummy Cerish, is disappointed and quickly driven off by Jeffires, who notices that his captain has run off again.
12 Meet the Supernovas Part 2! The Grand Dead End Competition! The Neptune crew decide to split up to explore the town. Ushio and Tell visit a noodle bar, where they see a fight between two other Supernovas, Ichiya Mihawk and Nerras Wanze, quickly go out of hand. Meanwhile, Yura accidentally wanders into a seedier part of town and is almost kidnapped by a group of thugs. Luckily, he is saved by another Supernova, Sophia Violettes, who appears to have a nasty grudge against Ushio. Kuurant meets with his crew to discuss the Competition and it is revealed that they've been scouting out the rest of the Supernovas. Meanwhile, Ushio and Tell, having left the noodle shop, learn about the Grand Dead End Competition, a race from Threshold Island to Reverse Mountain. Ushio is convinced to enter, but Tell points out that they don't have a ship to take part with. Just at that moment, a young boy comes up to the two and offers them a free ship, to their surprise.
13 Meet the Supernovas Part 3! The Hyperactive Shipwright?! The boy is revealed to be Rio Donovan, adopted son of Donovan, one of the most skilled shipwrights on Threshold Island. After a fight with his father over whether or not he can go and see the race, Rio decides to join a pirate crew and offers Ushio a free ship in return for hiring. Ushio, naturally, accepts. Meanwhile, Tsurugi runs into two Supernovas, Krishin Limbosa and Brurrage Seraphin (who is almost identical to Tell) who both claim that they received love letters from her (actually written by Gummy Cerish as a prank). After Krishin leaves, Seraphin is attacked by Sophia, who mistakes him for Tell. Confused by the whole situation, Tsurugi leaves but is confronted by Ichiya Mihawk, who challenges her to a duel.

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