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Enerugi Enerugi no Mi
Japanese Name: Enerugi Enerugi no Mi
English Name: Energy Energy Fruit
Meaning: {{{meaning}}}
Power: The power to become raw energy
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Jester D Len
Created by: NightEve

Enerugi Enerugi no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that makes the user becomes energy. Eaten by Jester D Len, the First Mate of the Insanity Hearts Pirates.

Appearance: Edit

It looks like a power on button on a circular fruit. The stems are lightning bolt shaped and is yellow in colour. The Power on Button is green in colour and appears to emit light. The fruit itself is black in colour. It appears to emit electricity around it

Strengths: Edit

The fruit allows the user to be able to become, manipulate and control energy. The user can manipulate his body to become any form of matter that possess energy such as wind, fire and etc. He can also manipulate energy but is also possible only through contact with the user's energy. This is easily broken through as the user can make his own energy to leave his body, consume external energy to allow him to manipulate almost anything in an area. The user can also steal other's people Devil Fruit to crystallize into small orbs called "Devil Orbs" which allows the user to create many Devil Fruit users or he can give it to himself. However, due to the sheer power of a Devil Fruit, he can only scrape it causing the original user to only lose 0.000001% of their power. However it needs to be in physical contact. The Devil Orbs can be cultivated to cause that 0.000001% of a Devil Fruit to become 100% but requires many years.

It can be used to neutralise the energy emitted by the Seastone and ocean but requires lots of concentration to do so and may drain stamina

He can also absorb all forms of energy including life force to strengthen his attacks. The energy absorbed can also be converted into many other objects such as gold or weapons and etc. But this ability is limited by how much energy he absorbs. He can manipulate people's bodies and memories through the electricity within their bodies.

Weaknesses: Edit

The easiest weakness is the cold. The user becomes slowly the colder it becomes but not possible to stop him from moving. But is easily avoidable by creating fire. Heat causing him to become faster and stronger but will cause his body to change back to avoid being unable to put back together for a long time if it becomes too hot. But this only affects his energy form

He cannot affect things without energy such as Darkness while things without energy cannot affect the user.

Changing his form to fire and other things creates new weaknesses for the user like changing themselves into Sand causes them to be have the weakness for water.

Normal Devil Fruit user's weakness

Usage: Edit

During Len's training, he has tried many types of moves and even create new ones when he is a pirate

Lightning Lance:

By manipulating the air to generate electricity or changing his body into electricity, he can shoot these lances at frightening speed. Due to him manipulating them, he can use it to block attacks as well.

Change Body:

Changing his form, he can become fire, water, lightning and etc. But he gains new weaknesses as well.

Haki-Energy Fusion Shield:

By combing his Busoshoku with his energy he usually emits, he can create a dome shield around himself

Haki-Energy Fusion Bullets:

By combing his Busoshoku with his energy, he can shoot his energy which are invisible to the eye and is super hard.

Haki-Energy Fusion All-Seeing Eye:

By combing his Kenboushoku with his energy, he can see from all directions and many areas.


By using energy of the surrounding, he can teleport to many areas but uses a bit of stamina

Bodily Manipulation:

The user can manipulate their body into changing their appearance easily and even body shape. It can be done to others as well

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