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Story Edit

One day walking by a town, I met this guy being captured by two marines... I thought, hmm, if I am going to be world's best hunter, why not start here? So then I made up my mind and decided to help him... After I helped him the marines flee'd back to their base... A while past since I saved him, and I felt a bond with him... So I decided to become one of his crew mates... His name was Phoenix L. Tremki, and there was two other people in the crew, Phoenix L. Akiza, Captain Tremki's sister, and a guy named Zen, who I found out to be really annoying but we got along sometimes...

About our Crew Edit

Our crew grew stronger over time with me and my fellow crew mates Zen, Flash Z. Kami, Phoenix L. Tremki, and Phoenix L. Akiza. [Listed in Order] (I don't understand why Akiza isn't captain but... Whatever...)

Personality Edit

My personality is always having a laugh, and always having a good time... However, sometimes when I wear my suit, if you get it dirty... I get pissed off at you so much that you automatically get on my kill list...

Attributes Edit

I have certain attributes, as a little kid, I was blessed with a gift of all the hakis' so that I can one day become strong...

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