The beginning Edit

As a kid Uchino always wanted be pirate he was always a humble boys so when he turnt 18 he met a bunch of pirates named the jolly drunken sailors this crew was famous in their village and they needed a swords man this was an opportunity for Uchino as he was giften with dual katanas so he joined them and they were on a mission to kill some bounty hunters that had a devil fruit so they were going on their way they saw a beautiful mermaid and they fought over her but Uchino was in the corner as he watched them kill each other so he went snooping in other people's cabins as only 2 were fighting and the rest were dead then he opened a chest and fought an unknown devil fruit so he kept it and left the ship

Life after being a pirate Edit

He thought he trusted his crew out of anger he became a marine still hiding the devil fruit he became a normal solider with 2 guns on his hips and 2 sword on his back he final built his courage to eat the devil fruit whole as he did he realised he ate the Nagi Nagi no mi (calm-calm fruit) and was the descendant of corazon by spirit so he then did what corazon did he became a mute 2 years later he became a Vice admiral

Meeting Rudolph Edit

After some time he began to trust Rudolph Rudolph Sami his second in command so one night he called rudolph sami and said I need to talk to you. Rudolph trembled and was scared because everyone thought he couldn't talk the people who ever heard his voice is dead Uchino said Dont worry im not here to kill you Rudolph asked since when can you speak Uchino said slience (silence a technique used to create a sound proof invisible wall so no-one could hear what they where saying unless they were in barrier). Uchino said i ate the Nagi Nagi no mi and became a soundless human Rudolph was surprised


Uchino tells Rudolph he ate the nagi nagi no mi

Devil fruit Edit

Nagi Nagi no mi:Calm-Calm fruit

This fruit can block off any noise beware its a very underrated but dangerous devil fruit this powers are unknown

Rudolph tells Uchino Edit

Rudolph laughs and say i knew there was more to you since were telling secret let me tell you mine i ate a devil fruit im a Zoan

I ate the akuma akuma no mi model:bogeyman to shapeshift into a beast of and control peoples fear and to be honest i really want to know your as they both smile Uchino lights a cigarette


Rudolph flashing his red eyes

Uchino Edit

After time skip we know Uchino has Haki but we don't know who taught him we see him use Busoshoku Haki And Haoshoku Haki we also see him use Geppo


Uchino after time skip

Uchino with whit hair

Uchino before time skip

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