G-14 is a Marine Base in World Reversion. Lieutenant Commander Brandnew was seen there along with Commander Bad Luck issuing out the new bounty of Kedamono Jeran and the renewed bounty of Brook. It is unknown if it's under the command of Bad Luck or a higher ranking Marine official, but he was the highest ranking individual there at the time, so it could be assumed he is.

East Blue: Battle Ship Island | Kiri Island | Rose Island
North Blue: Shuffle Island
West Blue: Parm | Hitoya
South Blue: Alde Nare
Calm Belt:
Grand Line: Steam Isle | Inazuma Island | Arashi Island | G-14 | G-24 | Blank Island
White Sea:
Red Line:
New World:
Various/Mobile Islands: Logwave | Godturtle Island | Wandering Lake

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