G-24 is a Marine Base in World Reversion. It is located off the shore of Jaya. Hiruma and Kuragari Karasu are reassigned there after their failures at Hitoya along with their demotion to the rank of Commander. It was noted by both of them that the base had been neglected for years and looked terrible on the inside. Nothing else is seen of the Marine Base as the two Marines leave to go acquire a ship at Jaya in order to defect from the Marines.

East Blue: Battle Ship Island | Kiri Island | Rose Island
North Blue: Shuffle Island
West Blue: Parm | Hitoya
South Blue: Alde Nare
Calm Belt:
Grand Line: Steam Isle | Inazuma Island | Arashi Island | G-14 | G-24 | Blank Island
White Sea:
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New World:
Various/Mobile Islands: Logwave | Godturtle Island | Wandering Lake

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