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Captain Ryoku
Pirate Crew Black Hole Pirates
Type: Xebec
General Material Wood
Base Material Redwood, painted a regal purple
Number of Cannons Six

The G-Force is a ship owned by the Black Hole Pirates. It was built by an unknown Shipwright.

Appearance and DesignEdit

The ship is a Xebec model made of Redwood that was painted by Ryoku as a regal purple color to show some manner of royalty. The sails are a normal white linen and there are two masts. The figurehead is a large orb that is painted with a swirling vortex look to give it the feeling of a black hole. The living quarters of the pirates are below deck and there is an individual room separated from the rest of the crew that serves as Ryoku's chambers.


External LinksEdit

  • G-Force - The Anime series the name of the ship references.
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