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Japanese Name

Romanized Name


English Name Gabriel

Dawn Star Pirates, Revolutionary Army, Straw Hat Pirates (loosely)

Occupation Pirate, Tattooist, Cartographer, Leader of Squad Five
Epithet "the Sparrow", "Slumbering Beast"
Age 18 (debut), 20 (timeskip)
Birthday September 18th
Bounty $400,000,000
Sephirot Hod (Splendor)
Creature Sparrow
Colour Neon Green (39, 255, 20)


Showtaro Morikubo

Voice Actor Tom Gibs

Devil Fruit

Japanese Name

Deru Deru no Mi

English Name Blink-Blink Fruit
Meaning To arrive, to leave
Type Paramecia

Gabriel, more commonly known as “the Sparrow”, is a pirate and the Navigator of the Dawn Star Pirates. He had a bounty of 280,000,000, and has a current bounty of 400,000,000.


Gabriel is a young man, with neon green hair and matching eyes. His ears are adorned with small wing piercings and a line of piercings along both helixes, complete with a black orb tongue piercing. He wears a grey tank top underneath a black wrap sweater, along with harem pants and black sandals. Various tattoos cover his arms, with twin angel wings on his back. His Dawn Star is located on the back of his right hand.


Gabriel can be best described as apathetical; a trait which has ingrained itself in his personality so heavily that he has become an avatar for the concept--a living, breathing form given to laziness and listlessness. Whether it is through his words or his actions, the “Sparrow” has attained a notorious reputation as one of the most sporadically unreliable and painfully uncaring individuals known.

This trails into his view on the world, which is somewhat cynical. Gabriel finds almost no purpose in being bothered to 'try'. The way he sees it, things will eventually work themselves out in one way or the other, and whatever happens is going to happen whether or not he does anything to help or impede the events. This view is somewhat naive considering his incredible powers, yet he seems to stick to the idea. When pressed to a philosophical discussion about it, however, Gabriel almost invariably decides that it would be too much effort to defend his point of view; he often simply goes silent or falls asleep as the other person talks.

The apathy that the Gabriel possesses is not limited to personal pursuits and his world-view; it also relates to the way that he acts and behaves in social situations. When he is called to Elaea to attend a meeting of the Shito, Gabriel is almost never an integral part of the conversation. He will nod off into a haze, stare off into space, or just shake his hand dismissively when people attempt to talk to him about important events. When they do get him to join in the conversation, Gabriel rarely takes things seriously. He will often make sarcastic, joking comments, even in front of Regulus, who only permits the chiding due to the extreme power he holds. Others may find it rude, but some are entertained by his glib remarks and surprisingly fast tongue, especially Casper.

Despite being considered a lazy, purposeless individual by many, almost all Shito know that there is a reason Gabriel is called the “Slumbering Beast”. When something particularly dire happens that he simply cannot ignore, or when Regulus expressly demands that he act, Gabriel suddenly reveals that he is incredibly capable, and that he is more than willing to obliterate those that stand in his way. He will do this as quickly as he can in order to avoid troubling himself and wasting time, since he often considers using his speed or powers to be more of an annoyance than anything else. If he should be brought to battle, Gabriel generally has two modes of thinking. On one hand, he could have been ordered by Regulus, in which case he accepts that he has no choice but to use his abilities. When this happens, he often cracks jokes, teases his opponents, or uses his sarcastic wit to entertain himself as he does what he was ordered to do. However, if he is attacked or roused from his rest by anyone other than Regulus himself, Gabriel reveals a dark part of his personality. He becomes incredibly irritated that someone would bother him and force him to move, and his attacks become kill-focused beyond what most would expect from him. This is what earned him the title of “Slumbering Beast”, and it remains the sole reason why no one has dared to cross him.


Darts: Gabriel carries 10-15 darts held to his legs that he can teleport into object when he cannot be bothered moving.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed: Gabriel is noted to be the second fasted member (naturally), only just behind Portia in her Akami Butaniku form. This is an extreme contrast to his notably lazy personality, which causes many of his rivals and opponents to expect his speed to be lacklustre. Instead, they find him able to travel absurd distances multiple times faster than other Shito, land toe-down on top of a grain of sand after a two-mile burst of the ability, and stop short at any point in time with the utmost level of control.

  • Hina (雛; Hatchling): By momentarily adding a step to his speed, Gabriel can create a semi-tangible image of himself; they are generally called 'after-images'. By combining the “Hirugaeru” with this commonly used technique, Gabriel has created one of the most powerful and destructive techniques within the Dawn Star crew. When he moves quickly and pauses for split-seconds in certain places, he can produce an after-image. However, as he continues on to somewhere else, he integrates his clones with the contained negative-space teleportation that causes the explosion in “Hirugaeru”. What is left is a tangible, touchable after-image that explodes violently when attacked by an opponent. By making an illusory ability into an offensive one, Gabriel has become a terror to face on the battlefield.

Devil Fruit: Deru Deru no Mi: Gabriel’s Devil Fruit allows him to disappear from his current location and instantly reappear at his desired location; in short, it is a form of teleportation. His powers make him simply disappear from his current position, and appear instantaneously in the other. It is this instantaneous movement that many mistake as high-speed movements such as Soru, but he simply appears in his intended area, without the need to move at all. Gabriel can teleport others he has contact with, with a maximum weight he can teleport being unspecified, he can teleport an entire ship with all of is passengers.

Not only is he able to teleport objects inside designated targets, allowing him to "throw" the darts he carries in his jacket with perfect accuracy, but he can also change their resulting orientation. One disadvantage of this power is that he has to concentrate on where he, the object(s), and/or person he holds will be teleported to, while working out the spatial co-ordinates of jumping between 3-dimensional and 11-dimensional space, so any disturbance in his concentration will render his powers useless, making it vital to avoid most attacks.

  • Hirugaeru (翻る; Flutter): This ability is considered one of the most blatantly destructive in the crew, and its use has cautioned anyone from standing too close to Gabriel when he appears to be in a bad mood. To use it, Gabriel simply teleports rapidly multiple times in the same spot, then leaves the space, leaving behind an empty void where his body once was. This 'negative zone' is filled momentarily with a pressurized field of super-charged air jostled by his sporadic teleporting. Then, as quickly as he had disappeared, the area collapses in on itself, causing a terrifying explosion that can dig craters into the ground and tear through steel. This ability is intimidating not only due to its power, but also because of its unpredictability. Gabriel can use it at any time, and those nearby have only a split second to react before the shock-wave threatens to annihilate them. Most often, this technique is used mid-conversation in the hopes to eliminate a particularly annoying opponent before the fight really begins.
  • Tsubasa kodō (翼鼓動; Wing beat): This technique allows Gabriel to partially teleport a part of his body (such as his leg), causing it to build up kinetic force. This limb can then be swung into an opponent, causing both a sever shockwave from the limbs built kinetic energy, but also causing them to be ripped away by the teleporting forces, causing torn flesh and broken bones on contact.


  • His Sephirot, Hod, is associated with the feet and bringing a person to their destination.

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