Gate "Laser" Stratus is the captain Ripple Pirates of the and a former member of the Shichibukai. His former bounty is unknown but was raised to over $450,000,000 after resigning from the Shihibukai. He is also a former friend of Admiral Kizaru.


Gate is a rather tall man with shaggy hair. He also wears a blue and black cape and an scar on his chest (from his past battle with Kizaru.


Gate is a fearless leader but is one of the most carefree characters in the series (much like Shanks). Gate only gets serious whenever he is facing against a strong opponent and doesn't really care for weaker opponents like Buggy. Gate is very popular among his crew especially Dreker who looks up to him despite being a few ages under him.


Striker PiratesEdit

Gate is very kind to his crew and respects each and every one of them. He is also not afraid to put his own life on the line to protect the others from harm.

Cast D. StrikerEdit

Gate treats Striker as a younger brother and very well cares for him. Gate rarely gets angry at Striker even if he has done something wrong.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gate, even without his Devil Fruit powers, is shown to be very agile and powerful in battle as he was able to take on Kizaru even before gaining his own Devil Fruit powers. Gate was able to go toe-to-toe with Kaido until the latter had to leave for something else.

Devil FruitEdit

Gate ate Rēzā Rēzā no Mi, a powerful Paramecia-type class devil fruit that allows him to emit lasers from parts of his body. He is even able to propel laser from his feet in order to fly. Gate had eaten this devil fruit before his fight with Kizaru many years ago.

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