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Kābon Kābon no Mi

Geiju Geiju no Mi


Art Art Fruit 

Meaning From Geiju which is short for Geijutsu, meaning art.
English Name Art Art Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Grants the user the ability to form and use drawing tools from their bodies and use them.
Eaten By NA
Creator Ghostofanidiot

The Geiju Geiju no Mi (Geiju is a root from the Japanese word 'Geijutsu', which means 'art'.) is a Paramecia type fruit that enables the user to manipulate any part of their body to any artistic utensil (i.e. a pencil, paintbrush, pen, etc...). 

Devil Fruit PowerEdit

The devil fruit enables the user to form any kind of drawing tool from any part of their body. Once a tool is formed, they are able to use it as if it's a real tool. (For example, they can paint with a paintbrush, draw with a pencil or pen, etc...). Using this ability, the user can create barriers or escape routes, giving the devil fruit more of a defensive property instead of a combat property. The fruit resembles a blue raspberry. 


The Geiju Geiju no Mi was founded by its user in Grove 21 of Sabaody Archipelago. The user was only 6 years old when he consumed the fruit.

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