Gekitai Gekitai no Mi

Translation Repulse Repulse Fruit
Meaning Repulse
English Name Repulse Repulse Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Creates a barrier that repulses most attacks.
Eaten By Hiruko
Story / Creator Maximillion D. Kaiser

The Gekitai Gekitai no Mi was eaten by Hiruko.

Stengths Edit

The Gekitai Gekitai no Mi allows it consumer to make a barrier like the Bari Bari no Mi but instead of the barrier absorbing the damage it repulses it and sends it else where. It doesn't have to many other uses other than to protect him from most forms of harm. It can also repulse bullets and melee weapons.

Weakness Edit

It can be broken through and then Hiruko can be injured. It also has the basic devil fruit weakness.

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