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Age 9
Gender male
Species Sea king wolf
Blood type ?
Birthdate ?
Height 125cm (when sanding on all four feets)
Weight 235lbs
Island of Origin ?
Occupation pet,pirate
Family Danieru D. Taimen and the Black Scar Pirates

Gin is a black and white wolf that belongs to Danieru D. Taimen and is a member of the Black Scar Pirates


Gin is a very big wolf with black and white fur. His two front paws are black while the other two back paws are white. Gin has a very thick fur seen on the back of his neck. He also has a hair sticking out on top of his forehead. Eventhough he is quite young according to his breed, he is also very big and muscular.


Gin is very loyal towards people especially to Taimen.Gin loves eating as much as Taimen does as they get hungry at the same time anywhere.

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