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Captain Nadeisco
Organization Cipher Pol Zero
Type: Canoe
General Material Wood
Base Material Unknown
Number of Cannons Zero

The Glider (グライダ, Guraida) is a small one-man vessel that Nadeisco uses to quickly travel the Grand Line.

Appearance and DesignEdit

It is a slim canoe with two motorized paddles on either side that allow for quick movements through even the largest stretches of water, as witnessed when he broke away from the Dragon Wraith in the Grand Line and traveled all the way to Parm in West Blue. The Glider seems to be controlled mostly by Nadeisco's movements, as when he leaned in a certain direction, it would swerve gracefully to move away from an obstacle.

Pirate: Thousand Sunny | Howling Moon | Apocalyptic Thunder | G-Force
Marine: Phantom
World Government: Dragon Wraith | Glider
World Government:

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