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Grouchi is a Marine Admiral who works from Marine Headquarters in the New World.

Appearance Edit

Grouchi is an incredibly tall man, a trait common amongst all Marine Admirals, so he can be considered to be a similar height to other Admirals roughly estimated to be around 9"0 to 10"0 tall, He has a lean long muscular build with broad shoulders and lightly tanned skinned. He has black thick medium length hair which is longer on the sides than the top. With distinct thick long black eyebrows and mustache.

His standard outfit is a fitted black suit with underneath a white pin striped long sleeved shirt and black vest, shoes, and unlike most high ranking marine he wears a black bow tie with white ends instead of a normal tie. The normal Marine Admiral cape is draped over his shoulders with black wrist ends. Also always seen wearing dark large cicular glasses and is nearly always seen with a large cigar sticking out a side of his mouth.

He also has a distinct noticeably walk. his entire upper body is abnormally leaned forward well over his lower body while still keeping his back straight.

Personality                                         Edit

Grouchi comes off as being eccentric. He is smart, very witty and seems to enjoy making humor out of nearly every situation coming off as slightly crazy. Unfortunately for the World Government he doesn't quit his joking around until most situations become life threatening, before actually being serious, He nearly always keeps a straight face rarely showing any emotion other than grinning at things he finds funny.

Grouchi can also become mercilessly violent even cruel after he stops his joking around, in an instant without hesitation, especially when fighting pirates. His stance pirates is "The only good pirate, is a dead pirate" He deeply disapprove of the Shichibukai and does all he can to avoid working with them. Grouchi has his own form of Justice which can only be described as crazy justice.

Abilities and Powers Edit

As a Marine Admiral Grouchi has command over a vast amount of  Marine Troops under his rank, as well as being able to call in a Buster Call.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Grouchi is a powerful close up hand to hand fighter.

Devil FruitEdit

Grouchi possesses the power of the Taru Taru No Mi. A Logia type Devil Fruit. which lets him transform any part of his body into a oily black tar substance, and manipulate it. He is skilled in the combination of his Devil Fruit powers and his prowess in hand to hand combat in both offense and defense. Because of Taru Taru No Mi Grouchi has been shown to be resistant to fire and water. Fire ignites when it comes in contact with the Tar causing him no harm, and water has been show to have no affect on his body just slipping away if he is covered in tar. But if it comes in contact with his skin then it would have the same affect as on any other Devil Fruit User.


He is known to use at least one type of Haki, Busoshoku Haki which he is considered formidable in its use. which he combines with his skill in hand to hand combat to land fatal blows.

History and Relationships Edit

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