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Owner: Quillian
Price: Bsymbol105,000,000 (actually Bsymbol1025,000,000, but the owner sold it to Quillian cheap due to not knowing its true worth.)
Japanese Title: 神の刀 (Sword of God)
Debut: World Reversion Chapter 14
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Gulbrand is a rapier that Quillian wields in battle.


Quillian shows a unique way of holding the rapier, holding it in front of her face with the tip pointing down and holding her hand directly beneath the sharp point with her palm facing up. It is unknown what this stance is used for as she only managed to stab one wolf through the chest when assuming it before she got overwhelmed.

It is strong enough to allow her to kill several Impel Down guards in quick succession, though. The sword was also strong enough to pierce through Sadi-chan's whip while it was moving at a speed fast enough to destroy solid rock.


Quillian bought the Gulbrand at some unknown point for a measly Bsymbol5,000,000, but she has commented that if the previous owner knew the true power behind it, they would have sold it for at least five times more than what it was worth to him.


  • Gulbrand is Norwegian for "God's Sword."
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