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Age 59
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Commander-in-Chief of the Sentinels of Blank Island
Family Unknown

Gustav (ギュスタヴ, Gyusutavu) is the Commander-in-Chief of the Sentinels of Blank Island


Gustav is a fifty-nine year old man that appears just as old as he is. He has gray hair that is constantly thinning out but due to the fact that it all thins out evenly suggests he once had a full head of hair. It is neatly parted to one side but when he gets angry it becomes disheveled and loses its neat appearance.

He wears a burgundy double breasted uniform along with a matching military hat with a golden emblem on it that resembles a large fist with two rifles crossed over it. There are also two laurels sewn into it, one directly beneath the emblem and one on the visor.

Despite his age he still has a muscular build but he carries an oak cane around with him that he uses to support himself when he walks so it is unknown if he can still handle himself in combat.


Gustav is a very intelligent and calm person as he always keeps his head even during times of war or if there is an attack being launched against his home. He emits an aura of courage that is not often seen in most people as he stood against the World Government when fighting for sovereignty over his own island and government, not allowing the Gorousei strong arm their way into taking control of his country to support the World Government.


As the commander of the Sentinels, Gustav has control over all lower ranking soldiers and he supersedes the authority of the Generals whenever it is needed. Due to his muscular form it can be assumed that Gustav was once a physically powerful fighter but it is not known if it deteriorated with his age or not.


At some unknown point in time, Gustav became Commander-in-Chief of the Sentinels.

Trouble on Blank IslandEdit

Gustav was meeting with Anik when Tobias entered to report his investigation of the Straw Hat Pirates. He told Tobias to go find Notus and bring Amol and Nae back to the headquarters while he ordered Anik to go with Callisto and apprehend the Buggy Pirates.


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