Halogen Capella/ Kaperura Haru
GunpenCapella002acharacter sketch
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type N/A
Birthdate February 27th
Height 5'8"
Weight N/A
Island of Origin Prism Peak Island
Occupation Pirate; Artist
Crew Taika Pirates
Nakama Darcy Taika (Captain), Athena (Companion), Kaira Shirochi (First Mate/Ninja)
Position Member
Family Andrea Capella/ Kaperura Anduria (Mother)Corona Capella/ Kaperura Korona (Sister),
Jacob Capella/ Kaperura Jakobu (Father/Deceased)
Epithet "Gunpen" Capella (Orihou no Kapurera)
Bounty Bsymbol10150,000,000
Dream To make a manga series of his adventure in the Grand Line.

Halo Capella, also known as "Gunpen" Capella (Orihou no Kapurera) and is a member of the Taika Pirates. He's known to possess the legendary Gunpen (Kairoseki Cannon) and smuggling manga across the sea.

History Edit


another sketch

Before pirateship with Taika Edit

Halo Capella was a survivor when he was eight, from a pirate raid who looted his birthtown. This town sits in the island called Prism Peak Island in North blue. It was called that way because their mountain looks like a transparent prism. His mother and his elder sister survived with him as well but they didn't find his father. His father, Jacob was a brilliant inventor there, while his mother, Andrea was a bar maid. Halo was amazed at his works, all of those inventions were interesting and amuzing. Jacob always wanted his son to tell him what he wants to make like how his sister, Corona makes paintings. This took days because of Halo's very young mind. But at night, Halo was about to tell his dad about it before the incident happened.

Next morning, everything was destroyed. All of the structures, vegetation and his father's inventions. The body was never found except one object, called the Gunpen. Named by it's appearance, it's a giant pen. His family stood behind him, looking at the object made from who Halo always want to answer. The marines came to secure the island when the place was already struck by the raiders which gives no reason why they have to come. The only reason why they came just to rehabitate the survived citizens. "I want to make comics. Make manga!", Halo answered his dead father.

The marines brought him and his family to a different island in a different section of the world, Lougetown. Prism Peak Island was closest to East blue, which possibly be the reason why they brought them there. He grew up normally in the big city along with his mother, who became a waitress. Halo continueosly made manga and comics through these years until once he asked his mother about Jacob. Jacob's career has an aim that involves the Kairoseki seastone. Many inventions is to control the effects of the seastone to whoever what these are needed for. Halo discovers that the invention is a weapon with plenty of abilities and many of them is he doesn't know about. She also rumoured that there's still some more inventions sold to other people in the world and still remained to this day.

His mother really misses her husband and Halo couldn't stand her emotional condition. Suddenly, he decided to retrieve those remaining creations. He had determination, which his mother recognized him as his father, of a creator. She reminded him that one of those artifacts was sold to a pirate. Only one way to get that is to go to the sea and look for him, even if he has no clue with pirate he looking for. His mother was worried if she cannot know what happen to him; however, he promised her a series of manga of his adventures.

As he reaches the docks, the marines suspected his Gunpen (They called it the Kairoseki Cannon) to be dangerous because Halo caused one of the devil-fruit possessing officers to weaken. He became afraid to lose his Gunpen so he stole one of their lifeboats and escape from Lougetown, towards Reverse Mountain. It was his only way to go since all the Marine ships blocked all other paths. Cannon fire destroyed his boat and pushed him to the mouth of the mountain, thus he finds himself entering the Grand Line.

First EncounterEdit


Halo is easily recognized with the Gunpen hanging off her shoulder, sometimes packed to his back or his side. He's always seen as the most unfit males in the pirate crew, rather it's true. He has medium length hair, his thick angular eyebrows, wearing a large dark green jacket with rolled up sleeves, thick blue jeans, green shoes and a maroon t-shirt with a design on the center. In the ship, he usually wears casual button-up shirts left open rather than has jacket.

Personality Edit

Halo is Optimistic and Carefree. He's not much in character by connecting with others but he's always does the action in the last minute. He's one of those easy-going characters who can never budge from intimidation or submission. The only time he gets angry if he gets meddled with his prized possessions. Especially his manga he keeps, some of the few things he enjoys and usually browse stores for them.

Unfortunately, he's not a very open talker and barely serious. He often encourages others to chill and let go. That usually applies to enemys and opponents, he always makes sure a fight is never a serious fight and make up with another. There are times if the situation is tense, he'll decide to fight with prejudice.


Darcy Taika Edit

Athena Edit

Kaira Shirochi Edit

Abilities Edit

He has no combat skill other than using his weapon, so technically the weakness is himself. He has good fighting technique only for wielding the Gunpen; otherwise, his strength is generally close to a regular human. Most of his powerlevel is greatly increased because of his weapon, so without it he's barely strong. He has exceptional drawing skills due to his interest in manga.

Weapons Edit

Halo Capella only possess the Gunpen, the one weapon he cherished from his father.

Gunpen Edit

(jap. Orihou) Also known as the Kairoseki Cannon, coined the term by the marines. A legendary artifact rivaling the Devil Fruits. This weapon is a transformable cannon-like weapon and possessed by Halo Capella. The Gunpen is created by Halo's father, an former-marine inventor. Little is known about the history of this invention.

Kairoseki Cannon
An advanced weapon made by second hand materials from leftover seastone products and other materials, in the shape of a very-large mechanical pencil. By controlling the other end of the weapon will unleash transformations. It can give a piston meele attack, a cannon attack or a shield guard. Also, unleashes non-offensive forms such as swimming, flying and transportation. Its known to never break, no matter how strong the impact is. It is more lighter than it's appearance, giving a hollow feel when the surface is hit.

Amount of Kairoseki
This weapon has an abundance of seastone, probably the most out of all kairoseki products the marines possessed. This weapon seems to have an enough high-density of Seastone to suppress the Devil Fruit user's mobility and bring them down to their knees like paralysis. The inner layer, made out of Kairoseki seastone. This causes the weapon to be untouchable and protective against Devil-Fruit users. Here are some of the effects:

  • When the Gunpen remains closed, all the effects that the Kairoseki is making now compressed into a thin beam that cuts away Devil Fruit powers instantly to 100 yards away (soccer field length).
  • The invisible beam-like direction is powerful enough to nullify, immobilize and weaken Devil Fruit users but to others, it is a merely harmless beam.
  • The interior Kairoseki material keeps the Gunpen somewhat unbreakable.

Other Abilities

More notes and quirks about the Gunpen in general, not all are listed yet:

  • The Gunpen weighs about 30 pounds.
  • It floats on water, no matter how heavy it is. It can work as a life-saver.
  • It is never known to lose energy of some sort, however, all abilities have their own drawbacks.


The combination lock contains eight directions, much like a compass. It has N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW and SE. The techniques are listed below. (named in a comic artist theme) This weapon only has a maximum eight moves. The user chooses what direction it points and press the knob to activate it. Canceling requires to press the knob again and the user can perform combination attacks, like mixing moves together.
N - Pencil Piston: The most basic attack move, the direct attack. A handle appears near the tip, waiting for the user to shoot. The tip of the Gunpen launches forward like a piston and can extract materials the same way. The damage is as much as an Impact Dial, except air bolts which is only half the impact.

S - Utensil Box: This is to open the gunpen and to reload or rearm the weapon. Also, to expose the excess kairoseki in the weapon which can reach up to 25 yards in radius which can actually nullify, immobilize and weaken Devil Fruit users. Including Devil Fruit allies. However, harmless to others.

E - Radial Arc: A handle and trigger appears to start the attack. It gives off a repulsion in a 360 spherical area using deep vibrations sounding like a bell around the user. This move can be held down for a stronger effect, adding physical damage to enemies and some damage to the user. The Gunpen nudges the user when a larger charge is ready, which is maximum five times. Each charges adds one Impact Dial strength and greater repulsion, yet more damage to the user.

W - Panel Shield: Mirror flaps blooms and extends from the surface of the Gunpen like a shield. The weapon gives fine vibrations to the mirrors to give it special effects, but with the cost of doubling the weight (60 pounds) when activated. The shield reflects anything, can redirect any projectile, beam or targeting effect; and transfer melee damage back to the enemy which is double impact. Swinging the shield against walls or anything mounted will not be effected.

NE - Assistant Arm: A way to spread firepower to different directions by splitting the weapon in half and have two cannons rather than one. Using materials will result of higher consumption and each attack is half the effect than it used to be since there are two weapons now.

NW - Splasher Thruster: Since the Gunpen floats on water, this is a useful form to transport a rider of the Gunpen through water. A thruster appears at the eraser end of the Gunpen and has small wings for short-term flying. A joystick appears for steering and a trigger for acceleration. The thruster can both haul air, water, powder or sand into a stream. The maximum speed is about 80 km/h and however, the thruster is harmless.

SE - Flash Back: This causes the gunpen strinks to a long staff and gives a vibration and causes the user to gain super-human speed. However, this form causes the user to become more damaged easily.

SW - Fore Stylus: The gunpen grows into a large club and gives a vibration causes the user to gain super-human strength. However, this form causes the user to become more damaged easily.

Quotes Edit

"...the pen mightier than the sword, imagine that."

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