Hidden Pirates

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Main Ship Unknown
Jolly Roger A skull with a blue headband and a steel plate guarding it with two katana serving as the crossbones.
Base Unknown
Captain Kobiashi Kain & Kaine
Type Peace Main
Crew Population At least four known members.
Total Bounty Bsymbol101,355,000,000

The Hidden Pirates are a crew from World Reversion. They have members with unique abilities. They operate out of North Blue.

Main Crew MembersEdit

  1. Kobiashi Kain (Captain) - Bsymbol440,000,000
  2. Kaine (Captain) - Bsymbol390,000,000
  3. Kobiashi Hunter - Bsymbol280,000,000
  4. Kusogawa Kirin - Bsymbol245,000,000

Crew StrengthEdit

The overall strength of the crew is unknown, but with one Logia on board and a member with a Legendary Devil Fruit, it can be assumed that they are quite powerful.


The Hidden Pirates have no known goals yet.


  • The Hidden Pirates crew and this article were created via a tandem effort by both Subrosian and AzureFang.

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