Owner: Brago
Price: Bsymbol10?
Japanese Title: ヒトカゲ (Salamander)
Debut: World Reversion Chapter 12
Sword/Weapon Chronology
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The Hitokage is a scythe type Meitou that belongs to Brago. It has a long chain that is attached to it within the the shaft that must be removed to use it as a long range weapon.


The abilities of the Hitokage are unknown except for its ability to be used as a long range weapon, similar to a Kusarigama. The chain is made out of seastone, so it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to cut through.


Being a large weapon, it can be difficult to throw it around as a long range weapon, but Brago's strength seems to take away from that weakness.


The Hitokage appears to be a scythe in the shape resembling a top half of a demon's head with a deadly, purple blade. The stone it is constructed from is obsidian in color.


There is no knowledge as to how Brago obtained the Hitokage, but he most likely gathered it as part of his collection of weapons, being a weapon master as he is.


  • The appearance and concept image for the Hitokage are both borrowed from the Death Whisper item of GaiaOnline.
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