Owner: Maria
Price: Bsymbol?
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: Chapter 36 of Piracy: The New Generation
Other Chronology
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Honetsukon is a three-sectioned staff made by Zugai Hibiware, for his crewmate Maria, due to her lacking an actual weapon.


Honetsukon, being a three-sectioned staff, is an effective weapon to use against multiple opponents. The longer reach than a regular nunchuck do help with that, but by being forged in the same way as Honehakaisha, it retains a powerful punch, while lacking some of the weight.


Honetsukon suffers from a weakness all three-sectioned staffs suffers from; it is tricky to perfectly master, even for a seasoned martial artist. Also, while not as heavy as Honehakaisha, it is fairly difficult for most people to lift it, at least without struggling a bit first.


It looks like any other three-sectioned staff, but as with Honehakaisha, it is completely white, including the metal chains that binds the three sections together.


After most of the Cross Skull Pirates had been poisoned by Morte del Astuto, while the crew was on their way to get a doctor, Zugai made and handed the weapon to Maria, which she has been using as her trademark weapon since.

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