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Horus Amon

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Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type N/A
Birthdate November 1
Height 6'1
Weight 172 lbs
Island of Origin Ephra Island
Occupation Traveller
Epithet The Unpredictable
Family Aves Amon: Father
Bounty Bsymbol10/
Dream To learn how to control his own powers
Devil Fruti Ryu Ryu no Mi : Model Sirrush

Horus Amon (ホルスホアモン Horusu Amon), also called the Burning Dragon (ドラゴンバーニング Doragonbāningu) is a traveller from the South Blue. At the Age of 10 he ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model Sirrush, and 3 years later he attacked his whole village, because he couldn't control the power, the Sirrush gave him. Since then he's travelling around the globe, searching for someone who knows how to control the Sirrush.


He has white hair and orange eyes. He has an average bone structure, but a very muscular body structure. When he's controlled by the Sirrush, his eyes turn pichtblack and his expression get's very angry.

His outfit consists of yellow,short trousers, a black,sleeveless jacket and a flat hat. He wears a golden belt and a beautiful little dagger on it.

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