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Name: Jack

Age: 18

Power: Devil god fruit user ( has the ability to use and take other devil fruit users abilities (temporarily) and immortality) plus serval fighting styles with all wepons

Weaknesses: obvious weakness to sea stone/water and wont attack or do anything if opponent has crystalied girlfriend also is only immortal to wounds outside water (in water all regenerated wounds from that fight that is happening will degenerate / reappear)

Family: unknown

Place of origin: unknown

Occupation: chronicler of the straw hat pirates

Previous occupation: Butler/bodyguard of grening manor and professional hitman

dream/aim: to find a cure for kate grenings crystallisation (cost of eating devil god fruit something/someone the eater cares about the most depending of feeling behind the care (greed-stone love-crystal)as it sea devils ultimate devil fruit) and write down all the adventures the crew has

History: jack was found washed up, unconscious and bady hurt on a beach by kate who took him back back home to her father Dr grening to nurse him back to health when he recovered he couldn't remember anything about him apart from his own name. A repayment to the kindness the grenings had shown he became a Butler / bodyguard for the grenings for free after months of him working for them the mansion was attacked by a group of bandits call the spider bandits (as they ride giant poisonous spiders ) they attacked Dr grening, and jack they knocked jack out making him see flash backs of his past as a professional killer who knew every fighting style waking himself up he uses his newly remembered skills to chase off the bandits. After doing so he finds Kate holding her fathers body jack finds out that her father was bit by one of the spiders and has died. A few years later the straw hats land on the island to find jack standing wounded surrounded by the bodies of the spider bandits he defeated in front of him and Kate behind him chopper runs over to check out jacks injuries but jack makes him check Kate First to see if she is ok as he walks over to her jack collapses. After analysing him chopper finds out that jack has been poisned by the same spider poison that killed kates father and there is nothing that could save him hearing this Kate staggers to luffy and begs him to help jack by finding s fruit that is stored in a temple on the island Kate tells them it is said to heal anyone who eats it no matter whats wrong with them. Luffy agrees to help and goes to the temple after he gains the fruit and gives it to kate she feeds it to a week jack after the day whole fruit is eaten she tells the crew the whole truth about the fruit that it is actually a devil fruit but that it doesn't take your ability to swim but someone or something the eater cares about whilst she is telling the crew this her body starts turning to crystal. Jack wakes up to find the straw hat pirates crying and a crystal statue of kate when the crew fill him in on what happened he grabs one of zolos swords and stabs him self in the heart to kill himself to only find out that he cant die so insted he degges the crew to let him join their crew so he can find a way to cure kate they appcept and jack gives himself the job (thinking that he has to be doing something for the crew) as chronicler of the crew writing down the adventures the crew has had and will have.

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