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Age 2 months
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Blood type Z
Birthdate Marh 3
Height 7'1
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Epithet Crimson Hunter
Affiliations Apex Pirates
Family Apex Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10100,000,000

Jager, nicknamed the Crimson Hunter (クリムゾンハンター Kurimuzonhantā) is a young dragon hatched and raised by the captain of the Apex Pirates. The captain, Tony D. Ceph is his adoptive father/ slash partner, though the two see each other as brothers, despite their differences. Jager is a special type of dragon that has the ability to merge with someone and give them a significant amount of power. After witnessing Tony trying to save him, Jager decided to chose Tony to be his "partner" and now merges with him whenever his power isn't enough to deal with the enemy.

For being a rare creature, Jager has a bounty of Bsymbol 100,000,000. As his partner, Jager always follows Tony around and never leaves his side


Jager is a small newly born dragon. He's covered in shiny red scales, and has red spines going down his his back. He has a long tail, small arms with three claws on each hand, and he has two wings coming out his back.

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