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Jaime Starr is the Sparrow Corp. Members in the fanfic One Piece: The Rising Sun and Captain/Navigator of the Sparrow Corp., a rag-tag group of Hunters and Pirates.  

Appearance Edit

Jaime has medium length, dirty-blonde hair and light freckles across her nose. She has hazel eyes and a strong demeanor beyond her years. She wears tan mechanic's coveralls with a newsboy cap in which she normally tucks her hair underneath.

Personality Edit

Jaime's is strong willed and quick to anger. This is mostly due to her attempts to show that she is independent and can handle herself. Why she acts that was could be as compensation for her gender or age or both. Of course, being skilled with practically all things mechanical, she has a passion for building things, but an even greater passion for tearing things apart due to her being a salvager on Magpie island.

Fighting Style Edit

She does not have any martial arts training and therefore is not as adept in combat as the others, but she has proven that the can build weapons as needed and can assist in any fight,

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