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James R. Line

Age 29
Gender Male


(assumed human)

Blood type Unlnown
Birthdate May 27
Height 6'6
Weight 180
Island of Origin Jaya
Occupation Pirate
Epithet "Flash Step"
Crew Eclipse Pirates
Position Captain
Family None
Bounty 777,000,000 Beri
Dream To see another pirate revolution and find his parents.

The Captain of the Eclipse Pirates. He is a mysterious person. Only one known person has seen his face. He was originally a cabin boy on a navy ship. This lead to him becoming a much feared pirate on the Grand Line.


He originally grew up on Jaya. His father had him with his mother on a pirate ship. His mother gave birth to him in Mock Town, then ran off with James' father and their crew. Because of this, James grew up o his own, having to work for food from the time he was able to walk. When he was 12, a mysterious pirate met him and took him on his ship. This pirate trained him in swordplay and the art of captaining a ship. Along this voyage, James ate the paramecia typ fruit, the Quick-Quick no mi, which gave him enhanced speed. Unfortunately, someone on this ship, maybe even the captain, had a fruit ability and erased his memory. James woke up one day on Water 7 with no memory of the pirates or his general past. All he remembers were skills taught to him his fruit ability, and his hometown. All people and interactions were completely forgotten. This made one of his two dreams almost impossible because he has no memory of his parents. Deciding that his past was better left in the past, he doned a mask to make him forget what he himself looks like. He got his mask after meeting Brensen, effectively making Brensen the only person to see James' face. 


James R. Line is a fairly tall individual. He is skinny, and usually adorned with a red coat. However, whenever he goes to battle, he switches to a white coat to symbolize good.His mask is tall and adds another foot on to his height, making his total height about 7'8. He is always carrying around a rather large sword named "Black Sky". Like all other members of his crew, he has an eclipse pendent. James' specific pendent is around his neck and has the words,"Family over Freedom over Life" inscribed in the back of it. This phrase is what he stands for. Family is valued over freedom, which is in turn valued over his own life. 



James' crew is his greatest treasure. Because of this, James looks more for justice, honor, and freedom than treasure. This quality means that he is not searching for the One Piece like many other pirate crews. Instead, he takes joy in fostering young and new pirate crews. He does as his forgotten mentor once did and takes on young rookies and trains them how to fight and captain. He has helped foster at least 7 different captains this way. James sees both his crew and all his foster crews as closer than family. They are his bond to the world. 


As stated earlier, James' parents abandoned him on Jaya. In Mock Town of all places. Because of this, James should hate his parents. Instead, he feels pity. He pities the fact that they had to abandon him. Now, James searches the oceans for them. When he finds them he will reveal his face to them and ask them one question, "why?". Why did they leave him? Why was he born? Why were they in Mock Town to begin with? This drives him to forever look for any mention of his parents.

Mysterious CaptainEdit

The mysterious captain taught James everything he knows. He taught him the ideas of freedom, honor, justice, and truth. He also gave James the Quick-Quick Fruit and taught him how to use it. Not only that but this mysterious captain gave James "Black Sky" and taught him how to effectively use it with his ability. This mysterious captain was no doubt very honourable and good in all ways of the word. James hopes that one day, through his actions, this captain will reveal himself to him. 


Quick-Quick FruitEdit

The Quick-Quick fruit grants the user enhanced speed. It is said that the only person faster than a quick quick user is Kizaru. The "Quickman" is only able to move a little faster than the speed of sound whereas Kizaru can move at the speed of light. However, James can manuever better than Kizaru can. Unlike Kizaru however, James retains his form whereas Kizaru breaks into light particles. Though he can manuever well, he can still run into things and thus hurt himself at high speeds. The plus side is that he can hold objects at high speeds, like his sword. The main weakness of this ability is that if the user uses it too much, they run out of energy and stamina. Fortunately, the Quick-Quick fruit gives the user enhanced stamina and you can train for more stamina. However, there are still the stamina limitations so it can't be used forever.
====Abilities of Quick-Quick Fruit====
• Sub-machine Fists-The user pummels his target with incredibly fast fists. This tactic is hard to avoid and greatly hurts the target. The downside is that if the user isn't using special gloves, he or she will absolutely destroy their hands.
• Suffocation Vortex-The user runs around the target incredibly fast and creates a vortex. The vortex robs the user of oxygen rendering them unconcious or dead.
• Blade Rush-The user runs around with his or her sword and slashes opponents at high speeds. It is hard to block, but a skilled swordsman or devil fruit user can block or throw off the quickman enough to defeat him or her.
• Water Walk-The one advantage to the Quick-Quick fruit is that the user can run on water. Now, the no swimming handicap is all but destroyed.

Black SkyEdit

This can be used with attacks that reflect darkness. The sword is huge yet light. It has speed and endurance but not much power at all. It is pure black, reflecting on the soul of whoever made it. Of course James nor anyone else currently know who made it. It is also unknown how such a sword came into the possession of such a kind captain. This is referring to, of course, the unkown captain who gave James his sword.

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