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Jericho Tell

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type N/A
Birthdate Unknown
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Sharpshooter
Crew Neptune Pirates
Nakama Ushio D. Neptune (Captain), Yura (Navigator), Tsurugi(Swordswoman), Rio Donovan (Shipwright)
Position First Mate/Sharpshooter
Family Unknown
Epithet None
Bounty None
Dream To become a great pirate and return back to Anna

Jericho Tell is the long-suffering First Mate/Sharpshooter of the Neptune Pirates. As the most serious of the group, he is often left to control his crew's wild behaviour.

History Edit

Pre-Story Edit

Much of Tell's past is unknown, although it is mentioned that he trained with a sensei who taught him Black Leg style. When he was young, he was the only survivor of a shipwreck and was rescued by a man named Callac. He grew up on Callac's home island and drove away rowdy bandits from Callac's bar, in return. He also became fast friends with Callac's daughter, Anna.

Joining the Neptune Pirates Edit

While defeating a group of drunken bandits, led by Karak Max, Tell accidentally smashed part of Callac's bar. While hiding from him on the beach, Tell and Anna spot Ushio's boat, moments before it explodes and sends him flying onto the beach. While Anna goes to get medical attention, Tell looks after the pirate and is quickly convinced that the man is insane. However, a townsperson comes to the beach and tells Tell that Callac's bar is on fire. Tell dashed over, to find it in blazes. A tearful Callac explains that Karak and his bandits burnt it down in vengeance and kidnapped Anna. Devastated, Tell becomes morose as doesn't react as the townspeople blame and attack him for the incident. Luckily, at that moment, Ushio arrives and drives the townfolk off before convincing Tell to go and rescue Anna. However, Tell knocks Ushio unconscious, to stop him from getting hurt by the bandits. He heads to confront the bandits alone in their mountain base. Once he arrives, He finds Anna tied up and dangling over a giant fish tank, which is revealed to contain a mangogator (the bananagator's distant cousin). Karak gives Tell a choice. Either let the mangogator eat Anna, or shoot the glass and bring the mangogator's attention towards him. Tell instantly shoots the tank, however he quickly learns that the mangogator is immune to bullets. After taking a nasty blow meant for Anna, Tell is unable to avoid the mangogator's finishing blow. Seconds before he is killed, Ushio turns up and deals the mangogator a powerful blow, knocking it away. After Ushio deals another blow to the mangogator, using his Devil Fruit, Karak attempts to have him and Tell shot, but Tell takes out the sharpshooters before he can do so. While they're distracted, however, the mangogator launches a sneak attack. Pushing Tell out of the way, Ushio is seemingly eaten, however he manages to survive by sticking his staff inbetween its mouth. While Karak gloats, Tell realises the mangogator's weak point and, with a timely distraction from Ushio, manages to kill the beast. After Ushio asks him to join his crew, Tell agrees if Ushio can defeat more of Karak's thugs than he can. The two quickly manage to beat the bandits and Ushio wins the challenge, by knocking out Karak with his staff. After saying farewell to Callac, Anna and the townspeople, Ushio and Tell set off for their next adventure.

The Boy who Fell from the Sky and the Mysterious Swordswoman Edit

After randomly drifting for several days, Ushio and Tell suddenly hear screaming from above them. They look up to see a young boy plummeting out of the sky, who accidentally lands on their boat and destroys is. Tell rescues and unconscious Ushio and the boy, Yura, and drags them both onto a marine vessel. After driving off the marines onboard the ship, the group decides to explore and discover a young woman, bound and gagged, in one of the crates. After they release her, she attempts to take Ushio hostage in an attempt to get her swords back. Ushio manages to escape, however, and a truce is reached. the woman introduces herself as Tsurugi and asks to be let off at the next island.

Verate Island Edit

Thanks to Yura's directions, the crew finally reach land and Tsurugi leaves. Suspicious of the unnatural quiet, Ushio and Yura decide to go exploring, leaving Tell to guard the ship. While there, he spots a young woman being attacked by two marines and quickly dispatches them, only to be knocked unconscious by the woman. He awakens, tied up, in front of Captain Stacean, who interrogates him about Tsurugi. Stacean orders him to be thrown into jail, but he is secretly released by McAfee, a friendly marine. He heads back to the harbour and reunites with Ushio and Yura, who decide to go find Tsurugi Unable to make it through the town, due to the many marines patrolling it, the group uses the explosives on their ship to propel it, and them, across the town to where Tsurugi was fighting Captain Stacean and his three Pillars of Justice. After being separated by the group, Tell is challenged by one of Stacean's henchmen, the Pillar of Justice, 'Piercer' Jack. Jack appears to get the advantage at first, sabotaging Tell's guns with his needles, but Tell uses his talkativeness to deliver several glancing blows. Jack eventually wises up though and manages to injure Tell's legs. Tell eventually decides to reveal to Jack what he hides behind his sunglasses and uses its unknown power to defeat him with a series of kicks. After a short celebration, the crew are forced to leave by the appearance of a marine ship on the horizon. However, Tsurugi agrees to stay as a temporary crew member.

Threshold Island Edit

After accidentally capsizing their new boat, the Neptune Pirates barely reach Threshold Island. There, they learn about Ushio's status as a Supernova and fend off an attack by another Supernova, Chiffy Shill. Feeling hungry, Ushio and Tell head to a noodle shop where they witness a fight between Ichiya Mihawk and Nerras Wanze, but leave before they can be dragged into it. While wandering about, they learn of the Grand Dead End Competition. Ushio, naturally, wants to enter, but Tell reminds them that they don't have a ship. At that moment, they are approached by Rio Donovan, who offers them a ship in exchange for letting him join their crew.

Appearance Edit

Tell's most distinguishing feature are the large, black sunglasses he always wears, even while sleeping. These cover most of his face and make it impossible to see his eyes. He also wears a brown leather duster, with a white shirt underneath and plain blue jeans. He has a large belt with several pistol holsters on it. His hair is a dusty brown and spiked up slightly.

Personality Edit

Compared to the more easy-going, eccentric Ushio, Tell is much more serious and often reacts angrily to his crew's crazy antics. He also has a habit of being incredibly sarcastic at times and generally considers most of his crew to be idiots. As such, he usually takes charge of a lot of everyday affairs. However, he's often one of the ones to get most flustered in a battle, especially compared to Ushio's calmer approach. Despitehis claims, however, he does care about his crew and his friends, even if he doesn't show it much.


Ushio D. Neptune Edit

Due to being his almost polar opposite, Tell often ends up getting annoyed at Ushio's many antics. Despite this, the two trust and rely on each other.


Yura Edit

Generally, Tell appears to dislike Yura and often jokes about leaving him behind. Despite this, he did rescue Yura from drowning, when they first met.


Tsurugi Edit

Tell considers Tsurugi slightly untrustworthy, but generally appreciates the fact that she's the most sensible member of the crew, after him.

Abilities Edit

Tell is skilled in both Black Leg fighting style and gunplay. He also has some skills as a mechanic, being able to build and modify his own gun, completely from scratch. His eyes also have some unknown power which he used to defeat Jack.


Weapons Edit

Tell uses two pistols to fight, which he named 'Eastwood' and 'Wayne' at Ushio's urging. His 'Eastwood' pistol is one he built completely from scratch, while his 'Wayne' pistol was a present from Callac.

Trivia Edit

- Tell was named after William Tell, the infamous archer. - His two pistols, Eastwood and Wayne are named after the two most infamous western actors, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. The make of his Wayne gun, a Leone model, is named after the famous western director Sergio Leone.

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