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Jesse Franks

Jesse Color

Age- 25

Gender- Male
Species- Human
Blood type- S+
Birthdate- November 10
Height- 5' 10"
Weight- 155 lbs
Island of Origin-Somewhere in the West Blue
Occupation- (Former) Marine (Current) Bounty Hunter
Epithet "Hitman"
Crew- Sparrow Corp.
Position- Vice-Captain
Family- unknown
Bounty- 40,000,000
Dream- (Former) The be the Marines Best Sniper (Still searching for a new dream)

Jesse Franks is the Vice-Captain of the Sparrow Corp.  Before this, he was a Marine Sergeant who had the ambition to be the "Marines Best Sniper".  However, due to an accident on his ship that left him virtually blind, Jesse was forced to leave the Marines on a medical discharge.  He took up the profession of his idol, Daddy the Father, and became a Bounty Hunter as well.  After meeting Victor and having a "talk" with Daddy, he decided to join Victor to return to the Sea.


Jesse is a man of average build.  He has dark brown hair and eyes with a clean shaven look as he tries to maintain his former military routines.  As Daddy Masterson is his idol, he promotes this look through his clothes which consists of the long brown overcoat and cowboy hat.  Finishing off the ensemble is a very large round pair of glasses that he uses to see.


As a former Marine, he prefers to keep things in order on the ship, which seldom ever happens.  This leaves him to be rather high strung at times.  He also has a short temper when he thinks people are acting stupid or annoying him.  Despite this, he cares for those close to him and will risk his life to help regardless of the idiocy involved.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

Jesse wields twin large-caliber revolvers as his weapons of choice that are incoporated into his fighting style.  As he uses the power of his legs in battle, he utilizes the power from the recoil of his guns in order to increase the strength of his kicks.  Most of his names are derieved from Military weapons, primarily Artillery.

Kenboshoku Haki- Jesse started training in this form of Haki to compensate for his lost eyesight.  Due to this, he can actually "see" with his Haki to a degree.  For instance, it allows him to see if an individual possesses Devil Fruit powers.

Mortar Shot- A vertical kick that drives Jesse's heel into the opponent.  It mirrors Sanji's Anti-Matter Kick Course.  First used against the Loguetown Ghostfish.

Tommy Gun- A rapid barrage of bullets.  First used against the Loguetown Ghostfish.

Hammer Kick- An axe kick similar to Victor's Typhoon Heel Kick.  First used against the Loguetown Ghostfish.

Revolver Kick- A high speed roundhouse kick.  First used against Zoro.

Gun Runner- Using the recoil of his guns, Jesse can accelerate at blinding speeds, greatly enhancing to force of his attacks.  First used against the Loguetown Ghostfish.

Mini Gun- A rapid barrage of kicks.  First used against Sangre Spada.

Rolling Thunder- A powerful attack created from Jesse's high speed spin sending his accumulated momentum through a single foot into his opponent.  When used against many, it is labeled Rolling Barrage.  First used against the Libre Pirates.

Pistol Whip- A rarity for Jesse as he prefers to use his feet to attack.  Name says it all.  First used against Sangre Spada.

Vulcan Knee- A high speed knee thrust.  First used against Victor.

Vulcan Elbow-  Jesse twists his body into a reverse elbow, adding momentum and speed from this spinning move to greatly amplify its power.  First used against Zoro.

105mm Howitzer- One of Jesse's strongest attacks, using gravity to further enhance his attack, he spins and uses his revolvers to launch him down, feet first, to drive his entire weight into the blow.  First used against Sangre Spada.

Gustav/Dora- Jesse's first ranged attack as he surmised that bullets were becoming useless against stronger opponents.  Being inspired by Victor's Sea Cutter, Jesse developed this attack through a life and death struggle against Mondo.  These attacks are powerful concussive shockwaves that can destroy anything in their path.  First used against Mondo.

Blunder Buster- A powerful short range attack, Jesse generates a shockwave at point-blank range from the bottom of his foot like a concussive shotgun blast. Its name is based on the Blunderbuss, an early version of the shotgun. First used against Dex.


Victor- Jesse has a professional/friend relationship with his captain.  Having a Marine background, he has more or less forced Victor into the position of Captain so that structure and leadership can be maintained for a potentially growing crew (even though Victor sees everyone as equal).  This would prevent chaos and anarchy from ensuing on the ship.  The two have their arguements, but they have mutual respect for eachothers' strength and capabilities.

Kain- Jesse and Kain have a very complicated relationship.  With Kain being a pirate and having no real sense of organization, Jesse has a natural hostility towards him.  This combined with his immaturity gets the two to constantly fight, which Victor is more than happy to join.

Cassidy- Jesse sees her as a good addition to the group.  Due to her natural gift of entertaining people, she can help keep morale high during their long voyage together.


Jesse was a promising Marine who quickly rose through the ranks due to his incredible skills with guns. His dream was to become as skilled as his hero, Daddy the Father. Unfortunately, a horrible accident on his ship caused him to suffer extreme eye damage, which made him unfit for duty. Having lost his dream, he felt the only option left was to become a Bounty Hunter, which his hero became after he left the Marines. To do so, he wanted to be personally trained by his hero and so tracked him to Loguetown. Upon arrival, he was attacked by a group of pirates and was rescued shortly after by his idol. A short time later, he took the mantle of Bounty Hunter and started to make a nice life for himself, that was until Victor washed up and started to cause problems. In a matter of days, Jesse regained a sense to dream again and so joined his new Captain to search for a new dream.



Like Victor, he has his own running gag that revolves around his blindness.  He tends to forget to wear his glasses and runs into things or trips over objects.  When entering a fight, he tries to make a cool entrance.  But it usually falls flat as he isn't even facing his opponent (as he tends to lose his glasses at this time) and so he has to feel around to find his glasses.

His name is a combination of the Wild West brothers.  Jesse and Frank James.

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