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colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Red; color:#black; font-size:larger; text-align:center;" | Len Jester
colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Red; color:#black; font-size:larger; text-align:center;" | Statistics
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Former Human


Blood type AB
Birth date June 6
Height 165cm (180 when fighting)
Weight 60-70 kg (Used to be 50-57 kg when human)
Birth place Scitasia
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Metal Armour

Devil Hunter

Crew Insanity Hearts
Position First Mate

BlackSmith Merchant

Family Ren Jester(twin)

Akuma Jester(Father) Tenshi Jester(Mother)

Bounty Bsymbol10450,000,000
Dream To find all things interesting to last a lifetime

Help his sister fulfil her dreams To explore the world

colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Red; color:#; font-size:larger; text-align:center;" | Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Enerugi Enerugi no Mi
English Name: Energy Energy Fruit
Meaning: {{{meaning}}}
Type: Logia
Len Jester, also known as the Devil Hunter by most is a Pirate and the son of a big technology company known as The Mechanic Works Corporation. It is known for it's work for machines and biotechnology.                         

He is the heir to the Company CEO of the Mechanic Works Corporation along with his twin sister, Ren Jester. He spent most of his younger years with his sister helping out with the company work. However during his 12 birthday, there was a terrible accident in which the Company was experimenting on a new form of weapon that utilizes lightning. His father lost an eye, his sister lost her arms and legs while he himself lost his legs and majority of his internal organs. Being desperate, his father decided to use the company's secret project called The Bio-steel which creates metal that can replace the work of muscles and organs and managed to save Len and Ren. The two was stuck in a coma for 2 years but reawakened.                         

Len was given the family's inherited treasure, the Enerugi Enerugi no Mi as it will always grow in the Devil Steel Island every 300 years. It bloomed upon the reawakening of Len & Ren causing their parents to believe they were destined to have this fruit. Len ate the fruit and spent the next 3 years training but he found out that his head was damaged during the incident causing his brain to lose interest in everything easily and created another Personality simply called Joker.                         

After the 3 years, his father gave him a mission to showcase the company's power. He gave Len a small fleet filled with the best technology the company had. But unknown to his father, Len had other plans, he and his sister became pirates to get easy access to money and to allow them to take whatever they want. Ren became the Captain of the new-found pirates known as Insanity Hearts which represents their thirst for science and dreams. Len became the crew's first mate due to his inability to lead properly compared to his sister.                         

He also decided to be the crew's Blacksmith as he loved to craft weapons. He later became the ship's Merchant as well as he hate the crew's wasting money on useless stuff.                         

Len has the reputation for doing mass-murder. Despite his reputation, he is somehow able to become friendly with both pirates and Marines with ease.                                                                           

He earned the nickname Devil Hunter due to him hunting down Devil Fruit users and Metal Armour due to him mostly wearing his full suit of iron.                                                                           

Appearance: Edit

He is 165 cm, shorter than majority of people and possess a girly face. His body looks thin but is little muscular. He has purple eyes and black hair that reaches his shoulders. He has fair skin. He usually wears a pair of black short pants with a shirt that always shows a lightning bolts. He also appears to have 6 holes on his back which can be hidden at will that appears to be able to plug in something. He also carries a pouch with tube-shape capsules.

He also often wears a suit of armour called the Demon Meta that seems to be fitted for a demon, possessing gauntlets that has claws and a demonic mask. He also carries around a huge claymore while wearing this. It is mostly sliver in colour except for the gauntlets which are dark purple and the mask having red.

When Joker comes out, the clothes turn black and purple along with eyes becoming red. Wearing his full clothes, he looks like a Jester/Joker that appears in front of a king with purple, white and black with a mask that shows a smiling face with the eyes being a star and a moon. 1 Side of the Mask is Black and red while the other is white and blue.

Using their powers, Len & Joker manipulate their own energy to made themselves taller to 180cm when fighting.

Personality: Edit

Len usually appears very bored due to him losing interest easily. However may become excited like a kid when his interest comes back. He appears to always friendly and polite but in certain times, he puts on a face and can be actually be manipulative. He enjoy teasing people upon given the chance. He believes that people should never be trusted easily.

Due to his head injury, he appear to gain a love for killing, filling himself with ecstasy by killing. But he always tries to stop himself as he feels that those people he killed have someone they love as well causing him to always attempted to resist. He show no hesitation when killing those who attack him with dark intentions and will show anger upon any one attacking his family. He trusts no one but have a habit of being too honest except when fighting.

As Joker, his personality changes lot. Joker possess a insanely manipulative mind and enjoys games and torment. However he becomes rather sweet to Ren. He enjoys murdering others and shows no remorse even if he kills his nakama.

Both Len and Joker loves Ren so much that they threatened to kill the entire ships if they made fun of her a little. And intimidates anyone who tries to say "I want to marry Ren"

Abilities: Edit

Physical Abilities: Edit

As a Cyborg with bio-steel inside him, he has superhuman strength and speed. He can even wear Demon Meta, that is so heavy that even crushes stone into dust and swing around a huge claymore like a child's toy.

Cyborg Powers: Edit

As a Cyborg with bio-steel, he possess the abilities to glide and generate large amounts of electricity. He possess the abilities to combine his body with armaments. As his body is made of bio-steel, he has the ability to become stronger through training only but possess the ability to modify his own body to strengthen it as well.

Haki: Edit

He appears to possess all 3 types of Haki but possess low ability for Haoshoku Haki as he usually have low willpower. His Busoshoku Haki is strong enough to destroy ships with a punch but is rarely used due to his usage for Devil Fruit. His Kenboushoku Haki is his strongest Haki, allowing him to sense targets from faraway distances and can sense attacks coming at him

Swordsmanship: Edit

His swordsmanship is not the best but he possess enough knowledge about the blade allowing him to utilize the full strength of the sword easily but not skill enough to beat skilled swordsman in a sword fight.

Gunner: Edit

He uses a long musket that allows him to snipe with ease. He possess the ability to predict movements of targets without the use of the Haki but usually takes too long to shoot as he wants a sure-kill shot causing him to take 1 hour to 24+ hours just to kill 1 man

Rokushiki: Edit

He has a little knowledge of it and is capable of performing Geppo and Soru only.

Devil Fruit: Edit

As he ate the Enerugi Enerugi no Mi, he became an Energyhuman.

Weapons: Edit

Titans Claymore Edit

A big heavy claymore that is so heavy, it will destroy a mountain if thrown at one. It is sliver in colour

Demon Meta Edit

A Demon Meta that seems to be fitted for a demon, possessing gauntlets that has claws and a demonic mask. It is mostly sliver in colour except for the gauntlets which are dark purple and the mask having red.

Long Musket Edit

A long musket made for sniping

Demon Claws Edit

A pair of giant gauntlets that has claws on it

Mk 1 Flying Warrior Edit

An armament that attaches to Len's back. It consists of a jetpack using Dials and a pair of pistols.


History: Edit

He refuse to tell of his early life.

Bounty: Edit

First Bounty: He brutally murdered a huge group of marines and pirates causing his bounty to rise to $50,000

(He was consumed by ecstasy)

Second Bounty: Killed the only son of a very big powerful Kingdom. Increasing Bounty to $6,000,000 (The son wanted to buy Ren prompting Len to kill him)

Third Bounty: Suspect of helping powerful terrorists escape. Increasing Bounty to 9,000,000 (Len wanted to help out an old friend)

Fourth Bounty: Rob a house of a well-known Noble. Increasing Bounty to 9,000,500 (They ran out of cash)

Fifth: Suspect of corrupting Marines and even Marine Captains that protected him from capture. Increasing Bounty to 200,000,000 (He just became friends with them)

Sixth: Beating down the Leader of a huge evil organisation plotting to destroy many kingdoms. Increasing Bounty to 270,000,000 (Ren was kidnapped so he went to get her back)

Seventh: Killing of a couple of Rear Admirals. Increasing bounty to 360,000,000

Eighth: Avoided a Buster Call and hunting of a group of Vice Admirals. Increasing bounty to 450,000,000

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