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The Jewel Pirates is a pirate crew formed by Legacy Jewel. It is a pirate crew consisting of strange and unique individuals who seek out to accomplish their respective dreams and desires while travelling together to find the One Piece.

Unlike many pirate crews, the Whiteouts are actually very friendly and welcoming. Despite some of their intimidating appearances and status, they have good intentions (sorta) and treat each other like family. However, because of the fact that most of the crew members including the captain herself are reckless troublemakers, they are often chased by the Marines when encountered.

Jolly Roger Edit

Jewel pirates jolly roger-0

The Jewel Pirates' jolly roger consists of a black flag but, instead of the typical skull and crossbones, has a blue diamond with icicles surrounding it.

Crew Members Edit

Name Position Capabilities Epithet

Legacy Jewel

  • Captain

"Ice Queen"


  • Doctor

"Mad Scientist"

Winters D. Mirabelle

  • Musician

"Snow Leopard"

Zeke and Comet

  • Cannoneers

"Blue Lightning"

"Little Blue Witch"


  • Navigator

"Sea Prism Stone"

  • Shipwright
"White Scout"


  • Swordsman
"Mirror Warlord"


  • Cook

"Fire Rebel"

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