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Jin Kageyami

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Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Type A
Birthdate April 15
Height 6'3
Weight 143 lbs.
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Crew Darkskull Pirates
Position Captain
Epithet Jin "Dark Devil" Kageyami
Bounty Bsymbol345,000,000
Dream Finding the one that burned down his village.


Jin Kageyami is the captain of the Darkskull pirates.


Jin is 6'3 feet tall and weights 143 lbs. He wears a black t-shirt with a pumpking on it, he has blue silk pants, he has black shoes with metal toes, also has a red beltd with a skull on it, he has a single glove on his left arm and a black wrist band on his right. He wears a eyepatch on his right (blue) eye but is not blind. He wears it too show that he is thankfull he is to his master that died of a sickness, the eyepatch belonged to his master.On his back he carries a big gun with him.

He has hectrochromia in his eyes. One eye is red and the other is blue. He has black spky hair that points to the back.Under his t-shirt he has a dog tag with two tags. One belonged to his master the other one he got as a present from his master. He put the two tags together as respect for his master. On one is writher the name of his master on the other one is his name.


Jin is someone that has a dark smirk on his face. He is someone who befriends only those that he has respect. Those people do not have to be strong, the personality is important. He loves to fight and win, and he loves meat. He never gives up in a fight and will fight anyone, dose not matter how strong the opponent is. He loves to eat food and will never turn down food or money. He is someone that will first check the situation first before attack. To get Jin tick off is a hard task. Even if his friends get hurt he almost never shows any emotion's to be angry, but hes opponents that survive say that they feel a gigantic killing aura. If he dose not really feel like fighting he will break something near with just a punch to show to get lost.For a long time Jin was the only member of the Darkskull pirates but still was recognized by the Marines and danger and even become a supernova of his generation. There are rumors going around that he plans on recruiting pirates, so many powerfull pirates are looking for him.


Ken is skilled at hand to hand combat, and uses a type of martial arts that look like a combination of capoera and kick boxing and even a little wrestling. He is faster than average people and sometimes show a speed so fast that his opponents do not see him. His major asset is his superhuman strength and his ability to read his enemy's movements by "hearing the soul" . He is known to be abel to use Haki. And appears to be weary knowlegeable about animals and plants. He also has basic nowlage about animal's.

Devil fruitEdit

When Jin was little he ate the Kujo Kujo no Mi that grands him power to destroy anything that he touches. Its is known that it can destroy even things that can not be touched like fire or water, even smoke.A little touch is enough to destroy anything, even sound waves or time. If Jin destroys time on a little place anyone that touches the destroyed place will either forget the things he did or repet his actions. The power can be shot in a range of 100 meters, or even input a little power in other object's to make the same effect, the reason he carries a big gun with himself.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jin uses a special type of fighting style that he developet over time by combining moves and moving of people. His fighting style has fetures of capoera, kick boxing, and wrestling. He was taught to him by many people from his village were he was left to be take care of. This type of fighting mostly uses fast movements and strong kick's and punch's, and the user has to be flexible. It also shows similar features of many other martial arts. Jin mostly uses this martial arts combined with the Kujo Kujo no Mi and Haki.


Jin carries with himself a big hand gun that he calls tomi-gan (tomigan) and is long two times as his arm. The gun is special because it "ate" the Tama Tama no Mi, that allows him to create infinitive bullets that Jin uses to fuse with his own Devil fruit power to destroy anything he shots. The gun is made from weary hard metal but is not too much heavy, but still has a great impact when shot. Jin can use it becasue he has abnormal strength. He shows it because he can jumb and move weary fast while holding the gun in only one hand.


Jin has the ability to use Haki. He was teached by his mentor that was teached by the women of the islend of Amazon Lily. He has showen to be abel to use the Haōshoku Haki, but he has shown to specialized in the usage of the Kenbunshoku Haki up to the level were he can "hear the soul" of his opponent, the ability that is allowing him to tell if they were scared, what they were going to do next, and even their thoughts. His use of this haki is so great that he is able to counter each of his opponents moves even when they trie to hide his thoughts.He can even sense people in a big radius.He also is seen using Busōshoku Haki to fight Devil Fruit users, and even showed to know how to imbue it on items like his gun or the bullets so that they can hit Devil fruit users.He was showen to imbue it on other items too like a coin too.


Jin has become weary known in the world when he left his village. He has many friends there but no blood related family. All that he knows is that his mother was a Kuja Pirate captain that left him with his master in his village so that he becomes strong one day. He has since than been raised by his master and the small village.

Hana KagemaruEdit

Hana is the chilhood friend of Jin that is 5 years older than he. She become a Vice Admiral in the marines about the time Jin become a pirate. She was not really happy that he become a pirate, because she always felt like a big sister too him that wanted to protect him all the time. She has made it her goal to arres Jin. When Jin was small he could never beat her because she could also use Haki. And uses a sword. When Jin decided to leave the island she found out and came back on the island to stop him. They had a long verbal fight but then went to fighting and to everyones surprise Hana lost. While she was asleep resting from the wounds Jin left the island. When she woke up and found out he left she made the goal to capture him.


His name is unknown for now but is its known that he is a powerfull pirate. He was also one of the Yonkou before he died of sickness. When the doctor said that the sickness can not be cured and that he maybe will live for another year he was not sad at all. Around that time he was asked to teach Jin. And he has for another 16 years. Than he died just shortly before Jin turned 16.


On April 15, Jin was born at sea, on his mother's ship as it traveled the New World. Wanting fir him to become a strong and brave man she left the infant Jin in the care of her old friend on a island were he was living. As Jin was young, he began using a gun and showed strong potential, he trained together with Hana for some time. At the age of 5, he was already abel to shot using a gun and showed martial arts moves and raw power that was abel to bring down panks three times his saize. It was after one of his trening that he found the Kujo Kujo no Mi, a Devil fruit with monster like powers that he could not control at all at the start. Most of the training he done and uncontrolled using were bad for the island because he not wanting, destroyed many parts of the island. Because of that he kept his distance of the village because he thought everyone hated him for what he was doing, but his mentor, Hana and the people at the village told him that they would never be abel to hate him. In exchange for helping in the village he was allowed to practice anywere. His master and Hana helped him to control the power of the Kujo Kujo no Mi. For the next few years, Jin stayed on the island with his master, and Jin treined in everything from martial arts to using gun, his devil fruit power and haki. That day came when his master could not teach him anything anymore,He wanted to leave the isalnd but Hana that came back as a Marine tried to stop him.He beat her and left the island. Jin become a great pirate and after only a year, recognized by the Marines as a danger and got himself a bounty of 150 000 000 beli.One night Jin found out that his village was burned. He came back to see what happened, he found out that no one died but his Master that fought the culiprit while being sick and had only a few more days to live, he was only abel to use 10% of his power but still almost killed the attacker,but the attacker was abel to escape.He died 3 days later of the sicknes. The whole village was destroyed, he wanted to help them rebuild but everyone said with a smile to go back to his job as a pirate.He promised to find the one that did that. He was told that it was done by someone with a body of fire. That day it become one of his biggest goal's, to find the one that did that. Jin had a plan. He would become big so that he would maybe get the attention of the one that did that.He got himslef a bounty of 345 000 000 beli.


  • Jin has some similar features with Whitebeard. His Devil Fruit power is said to be abel to destroy the world by breaking it, he did not name his Devil Fruit attacks and he has a similar laughter style (Kurararara, he uses a "K" at the start and Whitebeard uses a "G")
  • He is called sometimes by the Marines as his generations Whitebeard and is feared by the Marines that he will be just like Whitebeard. Strong with a lot of friends and a strong army.
  • He got his nickname "Dark Devil" because of his last name (Kageyami means Shadow darkness. Kage means Shadow and Yami means Darkness), and his power said to be equal to a demon.
  • He is the only know supernova of his generation that made it to the supernovas (over 100 000 000 beli on his head) without a crew.
  • He still dose not have a ship because is looking for a good shipbuilder that would build the Banshee.His dream ship.
  • The "Banshee" is a female spirit in Irish Mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld
  • Tomi-gan, the gun Jin carries with him was named after the "Thompson submachine gun" that many people call the Tomy machine gun. Its ironical that a revolver was named after a machine gun but the names comes from Tomi-gan's devil fruit that he "ate" that allows the eater to create bullets from nothing a shot them from the body.

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