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Jin Toru

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Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate July 4
Height 6'6
Weight 207
Island of Origin Carnacious Island
Occupation Pirate/Thief
Epithet "Time-Man" Toru
Crew Unnamed Pirates
Position Captain
Family Two Brothers, Taro and Kanaye
Bounty Bsymbol1050,000,000
Dream Become Pirate King and beat ALL of his brothers; To kill all the world nobles and free people from their rule.

Jin Toru is a Captain of a yet to be named pirate crew. He has the abilities of the Jikan Jikan no Mi, to control time. He in one of the main characters of the story, [It Begins, A New Tale].

Appearance Edit

Jin is a tall man, he towers nearly over all he meets. He weighs 207 pounds an average weight for a man his height, he is well muscled, but has some fat on him. He has long black hair he puts into a ponytail, it makes him look older then he really is. He has light green eyes that have scared men and women from far and wide when he gets angry or serious. He wears black pants and steel-toed boots. A brown trench coat on top and a fishnet black tank top underneath. He wears a strap to hold two swords around his shoulder, it's solid black and goes unnoticed by most eyes, hiding his true abilities with a sword.


Jin's one of those people who don't want to get in involved, but somehow always does. This is because Jin hates to see people in trouble and if he feels like he can help, then he will. Je has a tendency to not think before he acts, this leads the whole crew in trouble. He finds age a funny subject, often calling people who are only a few years younger a kid, this is due to his devil fruit powers. Jin is normally very calm and collected, it takes a lot to worry and anger him. When he does worry he tends not to think about anything and act on emtions. When angry Jin loses all control.

Weapons/Devil Fruit/Fighting StyleEdit

Freeze- He can simply stop time, but only for so long. It's painful because his molecules begin to split.

Fast-Forward- Jin's soul leaves and watches events quickly unfold, then at any point he says stop he can enter his conscious body. He can only skip two days ahead. His body and mind will act as it always does, but this means his soul isn't there; this can lead to all kinds of vulnerability.

Backwards- Jin can travel back in time but only like a ghost. It is bad if he tries to change the past and enter his body as his soul from that time is already there.

He can show others the future and past if he wants to, but it's difficult and more painful than by himself, so he can only last a couple hours. If he shows them then enters his conscious body they will be trapped between dimensions and most likely lost forever or thrown into another time.

Sol and Luna- Are Jin's hook swords, Sol is made of black gold and is a golden color. Luna is a slivery black made of black metal. Jin is skilled in using his swords, if he fights a an opponent he respects then he will refuse to use his devil fruit abilities. He perfers to fight with his swords and hates using his abilties on a one on one fight. Though he will if he has no other options.


Dahlia- When Jin meant her he figured she would run, but at the same time felt she'd be an important member of his crew. He trusts her opinions and thinks she's one of the smartest people he's ever meant. At the same time Jin believes once she finds her family, she'll leave the crew. He wants her to stay, so he'll try to get her too.

Kaisho- Jin thinks Kaisho as a goody-two shoes, but likes him well enough. He thinks the innocence Kaisho possesses is hilarious and will often tease Kaisho about it. He trust Kaisho, at least as much as can considering he hasn't known him for long.


All that can be revealed is he lived on Carnacious Island with his two brothers, Taro and Kanaye, and best friend Baton. He was also in love and friends with Water Guardian named Yuuki. Jin left the island a did a couple of things to anger the marines, starting his bounty. His bounty grew over time, prehaps he incountered a certain marine?


When he meant Dahlia he saw the damage one man could still due if he had control of people by fear. This made Jin want to began finding a crew and Dahlia was the perfect choice. After defeating Reynolds, Jin to tried to actually conciously be there fast-fowarded the next events and left the newly named Jiyuu Town. Dahlia came with him and the eventualy were forced to achor in ??????. There they meant Kaisho and Kintaro. Dahlia indirectly meant Vice Admiral Derik Martialas and his assiant, along with a prisoner.

Fire's Sting-

Jin and Dahlia anchor to get supplies and smaller ship. They spilt up and while Dahlia did her share, Jin got drunk and was just barely able to sell the ship. Soon after the boy he sold it to, Chris, was captured by a marine named Kintaro who was a fire guardian level 2. The fire somehow made Jin freeze and Dahlia had to quickly push him out of the way Kaisho managed to save them both and they all hid in an alleyway. Together the three managed to free Chris, Jin stopping time a sneaking him off. Dahlia searched for a boat finding one a seeing the Vice Admiral who was after Kintaro for unkown reasons. She stole his boat though and meant up with Kaisho who had been fighting Kintaro and Jin who had come to back him up. Kintaro explained his reasoning for capturing Chris before he actually done anything. Saying it was to move up in the ranks to save someone he loved. The three left Kintaro to face the marine, knowing that it wasn't their place to help him. The took the Vice Admiral's ship and sailed off. Kaisho becoming their offical navigator.

Quotes Edit

"No. I'm not stupid I'm a bloody pirate."

"Vodka makes everything better!"

Trivia Edit

Jin was suppose to be a master in guns, but after a chapter it just didn't work for him and he became a swordsman.

Jin hates using his time abilities.

Jin is STILL in love with Yuuki though she choose his brother over him.

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