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Kairi's two outfits.

Appearance Edit

Kairi is a powerful individual, standing at six feet two inches with an incredibly well toned body, having an almost perfect body structure due to the Devil Fruit he ate which caused several changes in his body to occur and as a result of it, it significantly altered his body to match the form he took because of the form he took.

He has spiky black hair that sticks up significantly and unusual silver colored eyes.

Personality Edit

Kairi has a bit of an calm personality in that he does not spend a lot of time fighting but he is quite well respected and a decent guy once you get to know him. He is incredibly protective of his Katana. Edit

Despite being a well mannered and nice guy, Kairi has his hot streak and if he feels the itch of competition, he won't be able to resist the temptation of a fight and will most likely get a rise out of his opponent to challenge them to a fight, hoping to fight a worthy rival.

Relationship Edit

Crew Edit

Kairi has no crew yet. Kairi also was abandoned by his parents and had to live on his own untill someone came in and took care of him. Later on Kairi was off on pirate adventures.

Abilities Edit

With the help of his Devil Fruit, Kairi was able to go beyond human strength and master several different forms of martial arts, giving him quite an advantage in a one on one fight, but along with his weapon of choice, a Katana, he can fight several opponents at once and at great distances.

His most preferred method of fighting is with his Devil Fruit, but due to the threat it has on his own life, he has to be careful with it.

Devil Fruit Edit

Kairi ate the Hakai Hakai no Mi. It is a type fruit that allows him to transform into a dragon human hybrid.

Kairi Forms Edit

Hybrid Point: In this form, Kairi remains a human and has several inhuman features. He has large, black wings, talons on both his hands and feet and a longer Katana. Edit

  • Dragon Point: In this form, Hunter is a full dragon from head to toe and has all the strength of a dragon, as well as the power of flight. He cannot perform his palm techniques any longer, but he can breathe a mythical silver flame from his mouth that lacks none of the potency his other attacks have.


.er has yet to make a physical appearance in the story, so no information has been revealed about him except that he is a prominent crew mate to the Hidden Pirates.


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