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There are two kinds of idiots in this world: the lovable ones and the annoying ones.

Kamiya Yume, also known as the Phantom Cat, is the navigator of the MiRin Pirates. She has eaten the Yōkai Yōkai no Mi out of curiosity when she was a child. Her dream is to travel around the world and explore undiscovered places.

Kamiya Yume
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type S
Birth date November 12
Height 147 cm (4'10")
Weight 40-45 kg (88-99 lbs)
Birth place North Blue
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Phantom Cat
Crew MiRin Pirates
Position Navigator
Family unknown
Bounty Bsymbol1090,000,000
Dream Explore the world
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Yōkai Yōkai no Mi
English Name: Phantom-Phantom Fruit
Meaning: Specter
Type: Paramecia

Appearance Edit

During her childhood days, she was always the runt of the group. Her hair was dark brown mixed with black and was so long that it reached her thighs. She had very fair skin and brown eyes.

Yume always had a frail body and had to be protected constantly by her friends when she got into trouble. Even after many years, she still had a petite physique.

When she grew up, Yume had a fairly well-endowed body despite her small size. The Devil Fruit she ate turned her hair snowy white while her eyes turned into a greyish-blue color and her skin became even lighter. Sometime prior to the formation of the MiRin Pirates, she cut her hair short in order to avoid people grabbing it.

Yume wears a blue shirt with white stripes and ties the side into a knot, white shorts, and wears brown gladiator sandals.

She has a black strap around her right thigh which carries her six daggers. The daggers encircle her thigh so she may be able to grab one from any direction.

Personality Edit

During her childhood, Yume lived a normal life but was not always contented with how things were. She was spoiled, lonely, bored, naive, and innocent.

At the age of seventeen when she met Tsukiko, she was portrayed as catty: sneaky, quiet, feisty, destructive, playful, and mysterious. Yume dislikes being forced to do something she doesn't want to and she hates people who use her to make them feel good about themselves, basically she hates people who are too authoritative and people who use her to boost their own self-esteem. She is very sarcastic and dislikes annoying idiots who pester her when she clearly doesn't want to be bothered at the moment.

Yume is also ambitious as power, position, and money are the keys to keep her going forward. She is resentful as she is sensitive and can get hurt easily by negative treatment and comments. So, she will try to get even with those who dared to insult or harm her. She tends to be easily jealous and very possessive, immediately disliking anyone who tries to steal her friends from her.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Kirisaka Tsukiko Edit

Although she is well-liked and respected by Yume, she is often seen arguing with her when her captain gets a crazy idea that could possibly endanger the crew. Other than that, Tsuki and Yume have a close friendship and would often be seen around each other. Tsukiko and Yume have a captain-first mate relationship similar to Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro.

Inugami Mido Edit

With Mido being a guy, Yume hates him to the bone. They are often seen fighting when Mido fawns over Tsukiko which results to Yume giving him a body blow. She respects him for his fighting abilities but, other than that, she bullies him whenever he gets too close to the captain.

Anri Edit

After Anri was revived from the dead, Yume immediately thought of him as a potential human shield since he is unable to die again. After getting to know him better she views him as an exceptional member of the crew.

Marii Edit

Yume is not close with Marii, however, she still backs her up when she is in danger since they are both members of the same crew. Marii is close with the captain, therefore Yume seems to respect her.

Mizuki Edit

Mizu and Yume have a somewhat normal friendship. Yume enjoys Mizuki's company and loves to sing with her, when she is not being knocked out by sonic screams. They are a cheerful duo that share a love for food and would often be seen raiding the kitchen when Mido is not around.

Kahlil Edit

Like Tsuki, she and Kahlil tend to tease each other to the point of argument. Kahlil is very cautious around Yume and is easily paranoid whenever danger is near. Much to his dismay, she purposely runs around recklessly just to freak him out and tick him off.

Jheng Edit

Yume respects Jheng as Tsuki's superior and admires her "coolness". She is not necessarily close with her but she still treats her as a friend rather than a stranger. Because of Jheng's friendly nature, they both get along well with each other.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Yume does not have any superhuman strength, nor does she have formal training in any fighting style, although she has decent agility, being able to jump over a gate and between rooftops.

Devil Fruit Edit

Yume gained Devil Fruit powers after accidentally eating the Yōkai Yōkai no Mi, which is one of the rare legendary Devil Fruits, when she scavenged a ship wreckage in the East Blue and swallowed it when the fruit fell into her mouth after she tripped on a rock. After consuming the Yōkai Yōkai no Mi (Phantom-Phantom fruit), she is able to turn intangible, invisible, utilize human possession and soul manipulation.

Assassination Edit

Yume is skilled in throwing any kind of blade and never misses her target. This technique was developed during her time with the group of bandits that kidnapped her and it has been used to silence her enemies from a distance. In combination with her Devil Fruit powers, she can be a formidable opponent as she cannot be touched while her blades strike her targets.

Trivia Edit

  • Her catlike nature was partly why she was named the "Phantom Cat".

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