Kate Crowen

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The Sexy Crow 


Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type B
Birthdate 7th August
Island of Origin

Amazon Lily




Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Doctor



1st = 15,000,000 berry



Kate Crownen was born in Amazon Lily but she doesn't know who are her parents. She is stronger then she looks and also loves to drink alcohol especially wine, she is partly a specialist in alcohol as well. She's the Doctor of the Sea Wolf Pirates. When she was younger she used to dissect animals like frogs, birds etc., and when she got older she enjoys when she has to medicate someone. She also likes to participate in bikini competitions, cause she thinks she is as beautiful as Boa Hancock. She has a vast knowledge of the body so she also knows the pressure points in the body so when she fights she usually blocks her opponent's pressure points by striking them with her fingers, but she also throws syringes at high speed and numbers. She is also able to use Shoka, Kyushu, a Life Return technique, she uses this technique to return to his normal size body fat after eating tons and tons of food since she also like to eat a lot, to keep slim. She is also able to generate a green force wave that she calls Impalse-Wave of energy which allows her to blow her enemies away with brutal force, an ability similar to the Haki.


Kate has a messive love, bordering on addiction, for alcoholic drinks, so much so that she is often seen drinking directly from a large beer/wine barrel, even tough she hardly gets close to drunk. She started to drink alcohol from when she was still in a young age. She has a lot of self confidence. She's defensive and mature. When she is working she makes her job pationatly and patiently. When she see's someone in need of help, she doesnt care if its a friend or a foe kuz she will help anyways. She is also a little greedy and will do anything for money, accepting any challenge that comes along.


She has brown hair and brown eyes. She also has a tatoo of a black crow on her left abdominal. For the eyes of many man she is sexy, even tough she is also strong, since she is originarly from Amazon Lily. She carries her blue furry handbag with her every were she goes, kuz its full of doctor equipment, medicines, and if she would have space even some wine, making it heavier then it looks, but since she's strong for her it feels as light as a feather.

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