Appearance Edit

The skin of the fruit is a variety of silver colored swords with bronze swirls among them. It had a curly spiked stem dawning the top of the fruit. The inside interior consisted of a bright pink flesh along with a very metallic taste.

Strength Edit

The fruit allows the user to cut whatever he desires on a subatomic level each object can be cut differently. but this forces things apart. On a sub atomic level every sword is a dull edge it looks basically just like a wedge. For example a wedge to wood it being a brittle material would be forced apart do the the impact of the wedge. It being a brittle material would shatter to pieces. The user can cut Logia users with out the use of haki.

Weakness Edit

On consumption of the fruit, it randomly selects a material in the world that the consumer can't cut. The user needs a sword in order to use the devil fruits full potential. The user the amount of force that comes from cutting bonds can shred the users muscles. The user of this fruit Xavier Right of the Crusade Pirates he cant cut the material Cloth.

Internal Hemorrhage- Xavier quickly dashes towards his opponent, using his devil fruit ability to cut his opponent's insides causing internal bleeding

Absolute Slash- Xavier slashes vertically splitting the sky and the ground in front of him

(Work in Progress) Andrew Sanders

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