Kiki (Raccoon Form)

Kiki is a female of a rare creature, a shapeshifting brown raccoon fox that belongs to Brook Nanbu. It is a close species of a Sea Raccoon, similar to Nukky, but can shapeshift only into living things, and can become larger as much as it has too as well.


She is a little shy but mostly carefree and playful, having fun and being close when playing games with people, and is very loyal to his owner Brook. She is constantly hungry and will whine when she is not being fed, but even when given food, she does not mind her manners and makes attempts to ask for more or steal others' food. Kiki is also incredibly naive, and childish.


A brown raccoon fox looks like a normal raccoon but her fur color is lighter and it carries a leaf on its head. Kiki also wears a pair of glasses.

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