Kinzoku Blade

Added by Turu17



The Crusher


Gender Male
Species Human/Cyborg
Blood type
Birthdate 15th Febuary
Island of Origin

Somewhere in East blue





Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Archeologist



1st = 102,000,000 berry



Kinzoku Blade is an archaeologist and also a cyborg. He's a member of the Sea Wolf Pirates. His parents were also archeologist's, when he was younger they used to take him with them to learn archeology. But one day they had a terrible accident ending up both his parents dieing and him horrible injured, but he was able to be saved by his parent's friend, a doctor and a scientist by transforming him into a cyborg (like Franky). But he changed drasticly from an inocent child to a crazy minded destruction machine. During his archeological days he discovered an ancient ruin were any one becomes even stronger then should become while training there. He has some parts of a Pacifista inside of him, making him one strong cyborg. His personality changed drasticly as well, from an inocent child to a insane war machine. His catch frases are "Oh Yeah!" and "Let's Crack It!".


Kinzoku has a serious and respectful appearance, his actual personality is in direct conflict with the image he attempts to project he is also strong-willed, eccentric, free-spirited, and often has a blatant disregard for rules, but when it comes to learn new stuff, especialy about history, he becomes very concentrated and acurate. He is an energetic man with the tendency of reacting violently and unexpectedly. He also knows about twenty different languages and history, which makes him more confident and sometimes uses some different thoughts and lessons from around the world.


He has grey hair and red eyes. As a direct result of the modifications that were done to him as well as years having spent training him self in the ancient ruins that he had discovered Kinzoku is a powerfully built man. He has a kind of a ring arround his neck and a kind of green crystal on his head. He always wears sunglasses even in cloudy weathers.

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