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Kiri Kiri no mi


Translation Mist Mist Fruit
Meaning Mist
English Name Mist Mist Fruit
Type Logia
Power Controll mist
Eaten By Mist-man Gabriell

Kiri Kiri no mi <- will change this all, just gotta find another ability similar to this :3 the Kiri Kiri no Mi belongs to Subrosian Edit

The Kiri Kiri no mi (バイオマス) is a Logia-type devil fruit and was eaten by Mist-man Gabriell. He feels this fruit matches him since his name is Kirrih (being close to kiri).

He found and ate the fruit in a chest aboard a navy ship after he looted it disguised as a marine soldier.

Mist propertiesEdit

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Strengths Edit

The fruit power allows Gabriell to control, become and manipulate mist. The major strength of the fruit is its area of effect and its intangebility. Gabriell uses the fruit to blind and confuse enemies and to move around. He can also soldify the mist so that he can attack.

Weaknesses Edit

Havent gotten this far yet, try again tomorrow :) 

Usage Edit

He is also able to extend his bones, muscles and skin at his shoulders/back area to create wings for flight. By pacing up/down/shapeshifting/push Lucifer is able to surprise/overpower his enemies. His usage of the fruit is very good and he knows every property of his abilities. By defeating enemies which devil fruits matched his own, Lucifer has honed his skills even more. 

Attacks Edit

  • Kiri Kiri no Mistfall: By releasing and cover a big area with mist, Gabriell is able to attack many people at once or to move around freely.
  • Kiri Kiri no Ghost: By turning himself into mist, and then move around in the mist (Mistfall) he is as good as invisible. He can pop out of the mist whenever he wants to strike enemies or to taunt them. He can also spy on people in this form. He can also swap out himself with the mist around him, making him able of creating clones or "teleport" in the mist. The ticker the mist, the better, but this also works with thin mist.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Deathgrip: Lucifer turns his arm/arms into a whip/whips, looking like some kind of long, streched out spine with a blade at the end.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Grim Reaper: Lucifer shapeshifts one or both of his arms into large curved blades. The blades are half a meter in depth (depth=from edge to edge) and reaches almost down to the ground. The attack is a cut of biomass-densed airflow sent at great speed from the blade/blades, powerful enough to cut a navy warship in half.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Grim's Breath: Lucifer "fires off" a smaller shockwave that travels through the air like a cylinder, never expanding, thus making it look like an invisible punch.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Death's Strings: Lucifer creates ultra-thin strings from his fingers and is able to use them to puppeteer people or objects. He can also use this strings to cut.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Destroyer: Lucifer gathers up alot of biomass inside his fist, and when released it creates a massive shockwave, capable of destroying a warship with ease. The shockwave is 100 meters in diameter, whileas a normal one is 10 meters.  
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Barrage: Lucifer gathers up much biomass inside his chest, back and arms, before he releases them in form of large tendrills. These tendrills cuts into the people around and turns their bodies into biomass before consuming them. The tendrills then retracts and pulls all the gathered biomass back into Lucifer.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Devestator: Lucifer's stronger version of the Baiomasu Baiomasu no Barrage attack. When the tendrills cuts into a person and the persons body turns into biomass, the tendrills uses this newfound biomass and turn the person into a proplongtion of the tendrills, making a domino effect. The more people hit, the more tendrills are made. The tendrills are made instantly when a persons body turns into biomass and Lucifers biomass takes controll.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Demon: This is Lucifer's strongest attack/form. He changes his whole body into that of a demon, with double-knee feet (one normal knee and one reversed knee, like those of satyrs) clawed feet with a claw on the heel and a claw on each toe, dark dark red skin, bright blue smokehazing eyes, to long curved horns and vampire-like teeth. He also grows a pair of large black deathly wings with claws. Lucifer's muscles grow larger and in this form he becomes twice as powerful. He got his name Lucifer "The Demon" after he fought with Whitebeard (right after he started his own crew and mere days after he got his devil fruits) while the navy and CP-4 were watching.

Trivia Edit

  • The fruit is quite similar to the main character of some prototype games.
  • Lucifer can shapeshift his arms or legs into blades, claws, shields etc. without naming these transformations. 
  • The navy mistook Lucifers ability in the fight with Whitebeard since they only saw him transform, hence they thought Lucifers ability was a zoan-fruit.
  • The Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi is one of the devil fruits with the reputation of being invincible.

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