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You're talking to the captain of the MiRin Pirates. Do you honestly think I would listen to the likes of you?

Kirisaka Tsukiko, most likely known as the Lightning Death, is the captain of the rookie MiRin Pirates. Tsuki, as she is called by her friends, is a lover for adventure and is never one to turn away from a challenge. She is the strongest member of MiRin and is currently dating Inugami Mido.

Tsuki is usually mocked by other pirates and their captains for her petite physique, however, she is never bothered or intimidated by them as she has high confidence in her abilities. She is the user of the Dendo Dendo no Mi. Her dream is to find the One Piece and to have lots of great adventures with her crew.

Kirisaka Tsukiko
Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type S
Birth date August 27
Height 157 cm (5'2")
Weight  ???
Birth place East Blue
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Lightning Death
Crew MiRin Pirates
Position Captain
Family  ???
Bounty Bsymbol10350,000,000
Dream Have lots of adventures
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Dendo Dendo no Mi
English Name: Zap-Zap Fruit
Meaning: Electric
Type: Paramecia

Appearance Edit

Tsuki has long, chestnut brown hair up to her waistline and a fringe swept to the left. She has eyes of the same color of her hair, big breasts, cheek freckles, and fair skin. Her outfit consists of a red cloak with a gold chain, a red plaid shirt, black leggings with spider-webbed design, a chain belt, a red pirate hat headband, and knee-high black leather boots with three parallel buckles.

Tsukiko can use her electromagnetism to control the metal chain around her waist and capture or strangle her victims, also, she can break the chain apart and use them as bullets.

Her most notable trademark is the black lightning bolt shaped tattoo on her left eye, which she covers with an eyepatch. The reason behind the nickname Lightning Death is because this tattoo glows when she is using her full power.

Personality Edit

Tsukiko has an interest in bizarre people like the Straw Hat Pirates and the Roger Pirates which drives her into making her own crew as crazy and bizarre as they are. She is usually quite energetic, often full of energy and ready to jump off ship. Sometimes she ends up destroying Marine ships in a raging fury because of her temper.

Her eccentric nature also has an unusual interest for mystery such as: mythical or rare deadly creatures, unexplored territory, and other things that cannot be explained. Encounters with these would result to her getting excited and dragging the crew along with her, much to their chagrin. This was first demonstrated when the crew encountered a Megalodon owned by Marine Captain Kupa and Tsukiko tried to jump off into it's open jaws, however she was being held back by Yume.

She is known by her crew mates as a tsundere, often turning away from praise of her cute actions because of embarrassment. She is affectionate to her boyfriend at times but gets embarrassed easily by his bluntness. Tsuki also dotes towards lolita-type girls, which can mean that she is a lolicon. She is confident in her abilities and is usually not intimidated by others bigger than her.

Tsuki is easily embarrassed by anything "lovey-dovey" and usually retorts with violence by instinct.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Inugami Mido Edit

Tsuki met Mido in the East Blue at a Sea Restaurant. Mido quickly grew fond of Tsuki, however, the feelings were not mutual at first. As they travel together more, Tsuki grew a liking towards Mido (and his cooking) and decided to accept him as her boyfriend, or "dog" as she prefers to call it. Mido is almost never away from Tsuki and is very loyal, much like an actual dog. He protects her even though he is aware of her capabilities.

Kamiya Yume Edit

Yume is Tsuki's first mate and has joined the MiRin Pirates after her previous captain was defeated by Tsuki. She is often mistaken and treated as an actual cat because of her physical traits and behavior. Yume and Tsuki both love adventure and exploring, which makes them the ultimate duo for crazy expeditions.

Marii Edit

Tsuki and Marii are childhood friends. Marii left the East Blue to train and become stronger, and hasn't been seen since. The two reunited during a war between a group of pirates and the marines, teaming up so that they could defeat both sides and save the town that was caught between the two groups in battle. Marii asked to join Tsuki's crew and was happily accepted by everyone.

Mizuki Edit

The crew met Mizuki when they stopped on an island for supplies. She was a Banshee that was said to have been terrorizing the town located there. Tsuki decided to defeat the Banshee in exchange for the prize money. Instead of defeating her, she asked Mizu to join her crew after learning that she only wanted a friend to sing with her. Tsuki also adores Mizu and dubs her as "her daughter", although she is not.

Kahlil Edit

The two of them have a friendly relationship, often sharing jokes and a good hearty laugh. However Tsuki and Kahl tend to tease each other to the point that they end up getting into an argument of insults. Aside from this, the two of them both share the same fun-loving personality.

Jheng Edit

Tsuki met Jheng a few years back in the East Blue territory and the two of them seem to share some similar traits and interests. Jheng is Tsuki's "superior" and is the eldest member of the crew (with the exception of Mizuki). Despite the two of them having somewhat contrasting personalities, with Jheng being the more level-headed one in the crew and Tsuki being the energetic one, they are in good terms with each other.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Tsuki has immense strength for someone her size as she can punch a heavily-built grown man across the room. Her speed is twice as fast as Yume, who is the third fastest in their crew, and her endurance is inhuman as she survives many deadly attacks and blows from strong opponents. How she got her enhanced physical abilities is unknown.

Weapons Edit

Tsukiko's main weapon of choice is the metallic chain she wears around her waist. She can use electromagnetism to control it's movement much like tendrils and wrap or strangle her opponent. With the chain being made of metal, Tsukiko can use her Dendo Dendo no Mi powers to shock the chains and circulate electricity within them. It can either be used as an electric whip or can be used to electrocute her victims while they are wrapped in the metal.

Devil Fruit Edit

Tsuki ate the Dendo Dendo no Mi, one of the rare legendary Devil Fruits, which gave her electrical powers. Her Devil Fruit powers are one which some may label as "invincible", which is one of the reasons why she is targeted by the World Government. She never uses her Devil Fruit powers on weak opponents since she finds it a waste of energy. However when she finds it necessary to use her powers, she only uses 50% of the power to fight her opponents. She uses her full power when the situation is dire.

The Dendo Dendo no Mi allows her to generate electricity from all over her body and shoot them at her opponents like bullets. She can also control metallic objects using electromagnetism.

Pet Edit

Is that a dinosaur?! I WANT IT!!!

Tsukiko's pet is a Velociraptor named Jellybean that she took in from Little Garden in the Grand Line. It is a very energetic and curious reptile that loves to run around the ship's deck most of the time. It can run 46 km/h and, despite being a predatory animal with threatening hooked-claws, he is usually the center of comic relief among the animals in the group. He also has an unusual tendency to copy his owner's actions such as: fishing when she is fishing, attempting to jump off the ship when she tries to jump, and being lazy when she is lazy.

His nature as a Velociraptor has given him great metabolism and is very agile around its surroundings. Tsukiko usually uses him to send out messages to her crew when they are far away.

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