Kona Kona no Mi
Translation Flour Flour Fruit
Meaning Flour
English Name Flour Flour Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Allows the user to produce flour from their body.
Eaten By Fleur de Farine
Story / Creator Nettlekid

The Kona Kona no Mi, coming from the Japanese word for flour, is a Paramecia type fruit which allows the user to produce a limitless amount of flour from their body. This was eaten by Fleur de Farine, second-in-command of the Black Petrel Pirates.


The Kona Kona no Mi looked like a blue bunch of grapes, with small spirals on each grape. The insides of the grapes were orange.


This is a fairly weak power, and for a long time Fleur had no use for it besides baking purposes, for which it is very useful. It also ensures that she'll never go hungry on long voyages, though she does not eat from it on a regular basis because it will spoil her figure. However, it does have a few combat advantages. The thick white clouds are good for creating evasive cover, and quick escapes. Surprisingly, fine flammable powder like flour when suspended in the air becomes incredibly explosive, so it's actually not hard for Fleur to create blasts in midair, though she must be careful not to be caught in the blast too. But probably the most useful power that the flour offers for her is that Hayward's oil is completely nullified by the flour clumping it together, allowing Fleur to take a few more liberties with her choleric boss than most. In addition, though it does not grant the immunity to water that Hayward's fruit does, she can turn a lot of water into dough quickly, so if the water she's falling into is limited (ie, not the ocean, but maybe a large tub) she has greater protection against it.


Frankly, the weakness of the Kona Kona no Mi is that it is an incredibly weak power. In a direct combat situation, a battle and fight to the death, creating little puffs of flour is not going to save Fleur's life. Because the flour only comes out in clouds from her skin, it can easily be blown away by any sort of force, or even a breeze. And its only strong combat capability, the flammable explosions, are perfectly able to harm her if she is within the cloud of flour at the time of the explosion (which, since it's coming from her, is quite likely.)