Kusa Kusa no Mi
Japanese Name: 草の草の実
English Name: Grass Grass Fruit
Meaning: Kusa meaning Grass.
Power: The ability to create, become, and manipulate grass and plants.
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Cast D. Striker
Created by: ZeoSpark
The Kusa Kusa no Mi is a Logia-class devil fruit that allows the user to become the element of grass making the user a Plant Human or a Grass Human. It was eaten by Cast D. Striker.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

This devil fruit, as demostrated by Striker, allows him to transform into grass at will. As a Logia, he is able to allow objects to pass through them. Being an element of grass, Striker is immune to any types of side effects that are given off by plants such as by spores of certain poisonous mushrooms.

This is one of few Devil Fruit in the series that depends on water. Striker is able to drink small qualilites of water without feeling the side effects of the water. He is also able to sprout a large plant then dehydrate it making large qualities of water fall onto another opponent which is very effective against other Devil Fruit users.

One major weakness of this devil fruit that is weak against fire. However, Striker managed to use his plant dehydration powers to counter any fire Devil Fruit user.

5 minutes...That's all I need to turn the tide of the battle!

- Striker to Gasher

One very unique thing about this devil fruit is that Striker is able to be submerged underwater for 5 mintues before he starts feeling the side effects of his devil fruit. This allows Striker to fight against Fishmen even underwater but for a short time.


Striker has used this power in a variety of ways. One main useage is that he can construct the grass into anything including a boat, a bridge, etc. This Devil Fruit can also be used offensively.


  • Grass Whip: One of Striker's basic attacks. He can form either one or multiple grass whips from his fingers and use them to attack opponents from a distance with great power.
  • Leaf Shield: Striker forms a shield made of grass with his arms. This move can block mostly any attack except for those of fire.
  • Seed Bomb: Striker forms a bunch of flowers that are able to launch explosive seeds at opponents.
  • Drain: Striker forms a large vine with a point at the end and uses this to drain up any water in the area.
    • Downpour: By using the stored water, Striker releases off of it from the vine and this causes their opponent to be flushed out by water. This technique is very useful agaist other Devil Fruit users but useless against Fishmen.
    • Mega Whip: Striker continues to drain water into a vine until it grows giantic in size. This move is shown to even injure giants.
  • Grass Shuriken: Striker forms a shuriken made of grass and throws it at the opponent. This move is very quick and effective as it can even pierce through stone.