Jetstream-Sam final batle

Jetstream Kuzikaki


Jetstream Kuzikaki's Blade

 "We've both heard enough speeches about higher causes by now. History will decide who's right. End of story."

Kuzikaki Inkaruka was a Samurai Exorist for the White Dragons Bane Empire. He was nicknamed " Jetstream Kuzikaki . "


Kuzikaki's only equipment was his HF Muramasa. According to books the sword's high-frequency conversion carried over the already excellent properties of the original sword, making it extremely powerful. Kuzikaki carried the Murasama sheathed at his side in the style of samurai (buke-zukuri) which allowed him draw quickly from taito stance.

The Muramasa's sheath contained a rifle mechanism with a magazine loaded and a trigger located below the sword's hilt. By triggering this mechanism Kuzikaki could launch his sword from the sheath and use iaido techniques with increased momentum which he demonstrated when cutting off a demon's arm with one strike. Other than that he could cut fast like a " Jetstream ."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kuzikaki displayed great skill in his usage of his Murasama sword, mostly fightning in high speeds.  In terms of sheer combat ability, beyond his skills in using Brazilian kenjutsu under the, he demonstrated sufficient knowledge in hand-to-hand martial arts; capable of fighting against Demons bare-handed, as well as using a defensive throwing technique that is very reminiscent of Judo.

Kuzikaki could also read people's skills and personalities very easily, was self taught and restrained his rage. He tended to taunt his opponents in order to sway their focus.

Also Kuzikaki's Green Demon Aura allows him Extreme Speed, Extreme Strength, Telekinesis, Levivtation, And also allowing him to make new abilities. His Signature ability is Jetstream, where he takes his HF Blade out of his shealth at high speeds with Telekinesis and he levivtates it also, as he chops his foes constantly with this move.

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