Lauran Black

Age 24
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type O+
Birthdate 2/17
Height 7'9
Weight 145 lbs
Island of Origin Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Division Naval Base 35
Occupation Marine
Rank Commodore
Family Logeth Black (Father)

Dante Black (Brother)

Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Lauran is a Commodore for the Marines. She is also the daughter of marine admiral Logeth.

Appearance Edit

Lauran has light brown hair and eyes. She has tan skin and wears a black coat with red lining. She also wears black shorts and a blue shirt under the coat. She also wears silver armor along her chest and shoulders. She also wears armored boots and wears black gloves.

Personality Edit

Lauran is like her father, serious and stern most of the time. She does treat her fellow marines with compassion but will kill any pirates she gets her sights on. She follows Absolute Justice like her father. She is also shy about her height and how she towers over most people.

Relationships Edit

Logeth Black Edit

Logeth is her father and she loves him dearly. He takes her everywhere he goes and makes sure she doesn't get injured. He trained her in the way of the sword.

Kaiser D. Maximillion Edit

Lauran doesn't like the Admiral but she does respect him. She would help him if he ask's for it.

Lil D. Kaiser Edit

Lauran and Lilian have been friends from a young age. They worked well with each other and are capable of taking down stronger pirates together then they would be able to by themselves.

Abilities Edit

Lauran is a adept swordswoman. She was taught to use her sword by her father.

She is able to use Busoshoku Haki.

Weapons Edit

She uses a giant sword like her father. Her sword is able to increase and decrease its weight by a know found by the hilt.

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