Leo Reavers Pirates

Main Ship Alcatraz Cantus
Jolly Roger A lion skull with tusks and two horns that appear to interlock at the tops.
Base Unknown
Captain Ryuname
Type Morgania
Crew Population At least five, possibly more
Total Bounty Bsymbol10709,000,000

The Leo Reavers Pirates are a pirate crew from World Reversion. They have a variety of unique crew members that come from different life styles and a total bounty of Bsymbol709,000,000. They operate out of the Grand Line.

Main Crew MembersEdit

  1. Ryuname (Captain) - Bsymbol286,000,000
  2. Nemaeo Fortuna (First Mate) - Bsymbol141,000,000
  3. Seriph Cherie (Cook) - Bsymbol130,000,000
  4. Messiah (Navigator & Sniper) - Bsymbol89,000,000
  5. Caramel Fault (Doctor) - Bsymbol63,000,000

Crew StrengthEdit

The Leo Reavers Pirates may only have five members, but they are quite strong and fully capable of holding their own in a battle. Ryuname has incredible strength and fighting prowess that is augmented by her Devil Fruit. Nemaeo is a proficient swordsman and possesses a carnivorous Devil Fruit, making him one of the most deadly Zoan-type animals in existence. Messiah is a ranged warfare expert, wielding firearms with unmatched proficiency. While Seriph and Caramel may not engage in direct combat, they are the last line of defense in the event the ship is breached by anyone and the two of them fight with their own unique blades in the form of kitchen knives and a rapier respectively.

With their combined bounties reaching over Bsymbol700,000,000, they are quite a threat to the World Government just the same as the Straw Hat Pirates.


Members' DreamsEdit

  • Ryuname's dream is to claim the titles of the world's strongest fighters.
  • Nemaeo's dream is to live the life of a king.
  • Caramel's dream is to create human life from virtually nothing by means of the Philosopher's Stone.


  • The Leo Reavers Pirates were designed by Ryuname and the article was created by Subrosian.

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