Leon 3
Added by Turu17



The Cursed Bullet


Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type B
Birthdate N/A
Island of Origin

Somewhere in West Blue




Bounty Hunter

Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Sniper



1st = 60,000,000 berry


Devil Fruit


Gun Gun no Mi

Leon is a Sniper and a  Bounty Hunter. He's a member of the Sea Wolf Pirates. When he was ten years old he killed his father by shooting him with his father's gun when he was hitting his mother with anger because like he always did, ending up killing his mother as well by mistake. When he was in his Bounty Hunter days he was cursed by some wizard that had his son killed by Leon for a bounty, ending up almost always feeling sick from the inside. He is in search for that man because he also killed the one that he loved. After joining the Sea Wolf Pirates he stoped smoking beacuse he found some peace and friends beacuse he never had friends before.


Leon is very focused on his revenge on the one that gave him the curse and killed his loved one. He is a protectfull person and strong man. Since he got his curse he prefers to stay in-solidarity and he barley makes a conversation and usualy stays alone sometimes.


He has Brown/Black hair and red eyes with a yellow cross in both eyes. He usualy wears a black uniform-like cowboy suite with white and green stripes and a cowboy-like hat that makes his face be in shadow most of the time. He is a built and tall man.

Devil Fruit:Edit

Gun-Gun no Mi Logia-classed Devil Fruit. He has guns mounted on his arms that fire energy bullets, 4 from each arm. He can shoot its entire body to move faster. He can make his body harder then metal. His eyes can keep an eye on all his enemies allowing him to target any week spots or hidden enemies.

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